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Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress

I was originally really hesitant to try things from SheIn. The prices were so cheap and the styles were so cute and I was wondering where the catch was. Although I saw many bloggers order pieces and looked great in them I was anxious to try myself.

I've now ordered a few things from SheIn and I have really been pleasantly surprised! While I don't think these are going to be timeless pieces that stay in my closet for years and years they're great for a season or two and not to mention at the perfect price point. 

I ordered this dress as one of the first SheIn purchases! 

I live in dresses in the summer. Carolina summers are HOT and honestly, I'm either in Nike shorts or a dress because it's too hot for anything else. Because of this, my dress collection is embarrassingly large but I really do put them to good use.

 This dress is super lightweight and off the shoulder, so it's perfect for hot days. And it has a bow so it's basically a win-win. The fabric is definitely not as nice of a material you would get from a larger store like Nordstrom or J.Crew but the price really does make it worth it. It's cuter on than I imagined and I can't wait to wear to a few fun events I have this summer. 

Dress // Shoes // Watch // Bracelet // Similar Bag (Mine is vintage Kate Spade)




Lilly Pulitzer Swell Bottle Giveaway!!

When Lilly decides to do something, they go all out. 

When they have their annual sales, the website commonly crashes. When they partner with Target to release a collection, the Lilly fans line up outside for hours waiting for a store to open. When they partner with Swell to design water bottles, they sell out in minutes. 

I wasn't at any Starbuck stores when they were released, but I can only imagine what it was like when the barista's put them out on the shelves that day. I picture proper southern girls dressed head to toe in Lilly trying to gracefully fight it out with another Lilly lover over who got to the water bottle first. 

Once again Lilly craziness ensued. 

The good new here is that I am hosting a giveaway for one of the adorable sold out water bottles!!! People are still going ape over them and they're even going for over $70 on Ebay! The patterns are all adorable, but especially this peachy print. Plus they really do keep the water cool for so long!

The giveaway is pretty simple and all the instructions are outlined in the caption. 

Moving on to my outfit, how cute are these shorts?! When I saw J. Crew's new arrivals I knew I had to scoop these up right away. I couldn't decide when I first tried them on if they were practical or if I would wear them enough but honestly, they were just too cute to send back. That bow?! Too perfect. 

J. Crew has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years and has had their ups and downs, but I think they really killed it this season. I feel like they found their way back their preppy, classic, timeless style and I LOVE IT! My budget however...doesn't. 

Shorts // Shirt (similar) // Watch // Bracelet // Shoes

Please enter the giveaway through Instagram! It ends this Friday (5/26) at 10pm. Quick, go enter!!!




FriYAY! + Where I'm Traveling To Next Week!!!!

Happy FriYAY Y'all! 

It has been one heck of a week. It started off super exciting with the new design of my blog launching. I had been waiting for that day since I started the process back in late January so it's safe to say I felt relieved when it was finally live. You can read more about the process in this post. 

Other than that excitement, it was a pretty casual week. I hung out a lot at home with my family and even went to the gym a few times this week!!! Go me!!

Next week will be a lot more exciting with a 4 day trip to L.A.!!!! I am so pumped. Not only have I never been but Danee, my best friend in the whole world lives there and just graduated from school out there so I'm going to visit her. We have so many fun things planned but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear everyone's favorites. 

Also if you want to hear about a super exciting giveaway be follow me instagram for a post sometime tonight!

Can't wait to see my bestie!! <3

What's on my radar....

THIS HAT. Enough said. 

I'm obsessed with multiples and thought this video was so sweet.

Draper James is now being sold at Nordstrom and I have my eye on this dress, this top, this shirt, and this pair of shorts!!!

This is a big weekend, it's Pippa Middleton's wedding weekend!! The tent Pippa had built in her family's backyard is INSANE (Also the bathrooms....jawdropping).

Speaking of the Royal Family...my heart stopped when I saw 2-year-old Charlotte's net worth.

Discovered these earrings this week and I may have fallen in love.  

Have you seen Kate Spade's suprise sale?? 




Pink and White Stripes

I'm pretty short (5'1 1/2 to be exact).

I prefer the term 'vertically challenged' actually. My parents are only 5'6 and 5'2 (on good days) so height wasn't exactly in my genetics. While it's annoying that I constantly get mistaken for a 17-year-old when I'm actually 22 and that I have to get every piece of clothing tailored there are also some small benefits. Like being able to wear Crew Cuts (and having a boyfriend that's 6'5 and can reach everything for you)!! 

This pink and white striped top is adorable and I found it one day in the kids J.Crew section. I ended up getting a size 16 because I'm a little bigger in the chest area but I think could have gone down a size everywhere else. It has an adorable low cut back that makes it so fun and perfect for any occasion. 

Oh and these Soludos wedges are my new favorite pair of wedges I own. They are seriously so comfortable and I can't suggest them enough. I wore them for my whole graduation day and not one blister! However, I would size down an entire whole size. I am originally a 6.5 and after trying the 6.5, 6, and 5.5 then 5.5 finally fit. 

Shirt // Pants // Earrings // Shoes // Watch // Bracelet // Purse- Kate Spade Old




New Chapter, New Design!

Notice some changes around here? 

The day has finally come! My blog redesign is finally live!

I had been wanting to change some things up with my site for a while now. I had it redesigned my freshman year of college and there was no question that my site was definitely out of date. Between a full-time class load, tons of extracurriculars, and trying to enjoy every minute of my senior year made it hard to focus on my blog.

Throughout my four years, I'll be honest and say my blog often took the back burner. When I had busy weeks blog posts were the first thing to be dropped. I was so focused on school and more worried about a grade I would get on a paper rather than having a new blog post published. While I wouldn't change anything (my handwork definitely paid off as I graduated Magna Cum Laude Honors!!) I wish I had found a way to balance it all earlier. 

Second semester senior year I actually worked with my digital communications professor who I had for a previous class to help me clean up my site and give me advice. She is super knowledgeable on all things blogs and digital media related and it was so nice to have someone to go to for advice. We started in January meeting once a week and she helped me shift through my google analytics and figure out what elements need to be saved and what needed to be changed to make it more reader friendly!! 

After looking at analytics and doing a fair amount of brainstorming I reached out to a designer who I hoped could make all my dreams come true. Although I'm terrible with change, and my past design was hard to get rid of, I recognized I needed to update and upgrade if I wanted to stay with the times. 

There was no doubt it was time to simplify my site altogether. I was graduating from college and heading into the real world and I figured there was no better time. A new site design for a new phase in my life only seemed so fitting. I wanted a site that I could show future employers (my graduate program is only a year!) that illustrated my love of the digital media world and something that would make me proud to say I'm the founder of. 

There's not many things that have stayed the same in the site design. It was important to me that the site was overall cleaner and easier to navigate. I wanted to add categories so it was easier to find some of my old content that I felt like just got lost in the archives. I stuck with my fav color scheme of navy and pink and then made decisions off of that!

Content, of course, won't change :) 

With summer here I'm excited because I'll get to post more often and spend more time on my blog so if you have any ideas of posts you want to see don't hesitate to email me, direct message me on Instagram, or comment below if there's anything you want to see! 

I'm super excited for this new change and hope you like it as much as I do. There's still a few loose ends I still need to tie up but I'm so glad everything is officially switched over. 

I hope you all like it!!

Outfit details: Dress, Skirt, Wicker Purse & Sweater are super old Kate Spade! Shoes :: Jack Rogers



Weekend Sales!

Happy Saturday! Here are a list of the best deals and steals this weekend. So if you've been waiting for that dress to go on sale, now is the time!!

Loft // 30% off sitewide with code: LOVEMOM (promotion ends 5/14)

J. Crew // Up to 50% off with code: SHOPNOW (promotion ends 5/15)

J. Crew Factory // 30% off $100 purchase with code: HOORAYMAY (promotion ends 5/15)

Abercrombie & Fitch // up to 30% off, no code necessary (promotion ends 5/15)

PB Teen // 25% off rugs, no code necessary

Ann Taylor // extra 40% off with code: FORYOU (promotion ends 5/14)

BaubleBar // up to 30% off sitewide with code: SAVE30 (promotion ends 5/14)

Happy shopping!





I feel like this was the first year that the end of school and the beginning of summer felt somewhat bittersweet. I am usually jumping up and down by the end of the semester and ready to run out of my last exam. I'm never excited about leaving campus or my friends necessarily, but come May I typically feel mentally and physically exhausted and so ready for break.  

This year was slightly different though. It was the first May that I felt mixed emotions about summer quickly approaching. While I was definitely ready for a mental break, french class took every last bit of energy out of me, I wasn't ready to leave a school and so many friends I loved so dearly. And what made it even harder was knowing that we wouldn't all be coming back in the Fall. Instead everyone is spreading out all over the globe for various jobs, internships, fellowships, and graduate schools to start their adventure in the real world. 

I can't wait to watch my class make such an impact in fields they're so passionate about but selfishly I hate that we're moving so far away!!! 

.....anyways, let me move on from my rant.

My first week of summer (omg how has it already been almost a week?!?!) was filled with a whole lot of organizing and going through all my stuff. I went through all my clothes and got rid of a ton of things I never wear any more and made some lists of things I need to get before I move into my apartment in Savannah in the fall!! 

But on a super exciting note, make sure you stop back on Monday because things might look a little different around here ;) I figured Prep Ave needed a new look to match my new phase in life!! WARNING:: IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME. 

This 16th birthday party will go down in history.

Dying for this sweater set (sweater & shell)

This post made me miss my summer in Paris so badly. 

Did you hear the news about Kate Spade?!

#tbf (throwback Friday) to this video...did you all watch these videos years ago? They still make me giggle...

Look at this one room challenge. This bathroom is perfection. 

Tabs I just can't close this week: this dress, this top (only $24!), and this dress

Emory put together a video from our Spring Break this year! So fun to watch.