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Snaps From My Weekend!

I feel like every weekend is a whirlwind, but this past one especially.

I had been looking forward to homecoming for months now! I hadn't been back to campus since I drove off campus after graduation in May. I was worried it was going to feel weird (and a little sad) to be back on campus not as a current student but honestly from the second I drove onto campus it felt completely normal! Granted I didn't have much free time as I went straight to the tailgate, but all in all it was way more exciting than sad.

Due to the hurricane earlier in the year that pushed the start of my school year back a week I had a make-up class Friday afternoon/evening until 7:30. I was a little sad since a lot of homecoming festivities happen on Friday night but there wasn't much I could do about it. Instead of driving 4 hours after class on Friday night I decided it would probably be a better idea to get an early head start on Saturday. I used Friday to try to get ahead a bit on homework since I knew my Saturday and Sunday were basically filled.

I had everything packed very strategically, steamed my dress the night before, and a bag ready to go for my early wakeup call. I got on the road around 7:15 not without walking through my apartment multiple times ensuring I had everything. I was about an hour an a half into my 4 hour drive and realized I left my perfectly steamed dress and top hanging on a hook in my closet. Next of course came a came a frantic phone call to my mom asking her what I should do.

Luckily it figured itself out and I had brought some extra clothes that I had luckily thrown into my bag at the last minute but I was no doubt kicking myself for the rest of day. I pulled up to campus just in time to join all the tailgates before the game. I was so surprised how many people from my graduating class came back and it was so fun to catch up and hear about everyone's post-grad adventures!! It made me feel so old.

 My sweet little TriDelta family!!

I also got to meet sweet Madison! She's a freshman at Furman this year and it's so fun to read all about her experience.

I spent Saturday afternoon cheering on our school (we won!), catching up with everyone, taking my little and great grandlittle to get Starbucks, and walking around the lake a bit with Emory to find our bricks!

Sidenote about our bricks: if you choose to donate to the senior class before graduation you receive a gift and can engrave it with whatever you want! The bricks are laid in the pathway leading up to the bell tower and arranged in big sections by class. SOMEHOW out of all the bricks from our class, Emory and I's ended up right next to each other out of complete coincidence.

After dinner in downtown Greenville and hanging out with friends late into the evening I was exhausted by the end of the day (especially since I had an early wake-up call!!). After breakfast the next morning with my sweet little, Mary, at one of my favorite Greenville spots, I met back up with Emory so we could make our way back to his place 2 hours away (and halfway home for me!). We both still had a fair amount of school work to get done but decided to reward ourselves after doing homework and make a quick trip to the state fair!

We made dinner in his apartment and called it an early night since I had to get up and drive back to Savannah Monday morning and we both had class.


Woah! I'm exhausted and feel like I need a weekend after my weekend. Although I had less than 24 hours in Greenville, it was so fun to be back and see so many good friends.

Now it's back to the daily grind and time to start thinking about final projects. I think I've mentioned this before but since SCAD is on a quarterly system we get out mid-November for Thanksgiving and don't go back until our Winter quarter in January. Just a little over 3 weeks. I can do this!!

Hope you had a happy weekend!




Lace & Scallops

While I'm without a doubt more of spring/summer girl, I have been loving dressing for fall this season. It's fun to mix it up a bit (even though the weather hasn't exactly matched the season yet), and it's been fun to get into the festive spirit. 

Although I am loving Savannah (how can you not?!), being back at Furman this past weekend has me missing the mountains during this time of year. The apple orchards, the weekend hikes, and pumpkin patches!  

I can't wait on the weather forever so I've just decided to pull out my favorite fall pieces wear them no matter the 80 degree temps. 

Also can we talk about this circle bag?! I'm obsessed with it and will use any opportunity I can to use it. Plus it's under $70!!!

Also if you're curious about the skirt, it's by far one of my favorite buys of the season. I wasn't sure what to expect but the quality is amazing and I love the scallop detail. Plus suede is super in this season!

Top (wearing a 0) // Skirt (wearing a S) // Shoes (similar) // Purse // Bow // Ring // Scarf (similar)


Photography by fellow SCAD student, Taylor Wedding




FriYAY! + Past Halloween Costumes

I already mentioned it in yesterday's post but I'm headed back to Furman this weekend for homecoming. There are so many people I haven't seen since graduation and I can't wait to be back on campus! Unfortunitely I have a makeup class from the hurricane until 7:30 tonight so I can't drive up until Saturday morning, but either way I know it will be fun!

This week had a crazy busy start with two midterm projects due on Monday and Tuesday. Luckily after that it kind of calmed down.

On another note...Halloween is quickly appraoching. Emory and I have had dressed up together for the past few years and I'm totally sucked dry of ideas. Our previous costumes were just so good how are we supposed to live up?! I thought I would share some of them, so let me know if you have any ideas for us this year!! We need it.

Whip and Nae Nae 

Naked and Afraid! 

And a real throwback...Taco and Belle!!

What's on my radar...

1. Princess Kate announced her due date!! I'm secretly hoping it will be my birthday.
2. Did you catch the new Southern Weddings cover reveal?!
3. Sooooooo what does everyone think of the new Taylor Swift song?! I like it!
4. These kids were on GMA this week and were amazing. 

1. Really really really loving these boots
2. Kate Spade released their new coffee table book
3. One of my favorite artists Evelyn Henson, now has stickers!!
4. Lilly Pulitizer released their new resort collection!
5. Loving this Fall dress...

Happy Friday!




Things I'm Thankful I Did In College

It's currently Furman's homecoming week and it's making me reminiscent of this time of year on Furman's campus.

Homecoming week was always the best. Typically the cooler weather has somewhat set in, football season is in full swing, and the campus is shades of oranges and reds. There are many fun traditions and too many activities to fit in your schedule. It was always one of the busiest (yet best) weeks of Fall semester. 

I remember spending hours sitting outside between classes pomping my sorority's float, helping chalk in our mural, and of course, my favorite tradition, swing dancing under the oaks at midnight every year (fun fact: that was where Emory and I first swing danced freshman year!).

I'm headed back this Saturday to visit the campus and see everyone who is coming back for the occasion. 

All this got me thinking about how special my time at Furman was. There were no doubts up and downs but luckily way more ups and than downs. I look back and am so thankful for the expereince I had and all the people I was lucky enough to meet. 

There are a few things that really stick out from my undergrad years that I'm so thankful I did and really made my college expereince was it was. I was thinking about the topic on my way back from my spontaneous concert trip last week and thought I would share them!

1. Took Classes Outside My Major

When I first got on campus freshman year all I wanted was to take classes in my major and take them as soon as possible. I was so excited to dive into topics I was interested in, understandably, and thought I wouldn't enjoy any other classes outside of my major as much as I would love my com classes.

However, by sophmore year I realized that while I love my communication study classes I wanted to diversify my schedule a bit. Graphic design was always something I was interested in, and knew the basics about it through running my blog, but it was something that I wanted to learn even more about. I signed up for Graphic Design I, not knowing what I was getting myself into at all, and soon realized it was by far my favorite class.

I took an art class just about every semseter after that and boy am I so thankful I did. I learned so much about myself and about what I love doing. Plus having some knowledge about adobe programs like Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator in my graduate program have been priceless.

I encourage everyone to take classes outside of their major. You may find something you're really passionate about and it's never too late to explore other interests. 

2. Held Leadership Positions

I was apart of a variety of clubs and organizations throughout my 4 years but the ones that really had an impact on me were the ones that I held leadership positions in. I had a small position in my sorority my sophomore year and then decided to take on the large role of panhellenic president my Junior/ Senior year.

It was by far one of the hardest/ most rewarding challenges I've ever taken on. However through the stress of planning recruitment for hundreds of girls, presiding over 7 sororities, planning endless events, running countless meetings, answering multiple emails a day, it was all so worth it. 

When my term came to an end I realized how much I had grown as a leader and how much more confident I was about planning events and running meetings. All valuable skills I woudn't have gotten so many chances to practice without that leadership position.

3. Study Abroad

I've known since high school that I wanted to study abroad. It was kind of a non netigotionable for me and it was always more a matter of when than if. After living in Germany for 3 years in middle school I always knew I wanted to go back to Europe and I knew studying abroad was the perfect way excuse.

I honestly can't say enough good things about my expereince. I love Europe and I love traveling so spedning an entire semester in Northern Italy traveling to a new country every weekend was my dream come true. While it was hard to leave my friends and Furman for a whole semester I would do it again and again. 

4. Got To Know Administration

Part of the reasons Furman felt so much like a community was not only becuase of the engaging and welcoming professors, but also becuase of the administration and faculty that helped run the school. I loved getting to know all the administrators in the student life office and honestly wish I would have made an effort eariler.

It was so nice to know who to ask all your questions to and to know even more friendly faces on campus. It was comforting to know who to ask for advice and who to go to when I was struggling with something. Plus knowing all the scoop of what was happening on campus didn't suck either.

5. Internships

I know most students already know this but I'm realizing how valuable all the interships I did in college are post grad. They really helped me narrow down exactly what I want to do and even though it took putting up with long days during summer, it totally paid off in the end. 

Even the internships I hated taught me what I didn't want to do! I get emails constanly about how to land great internships and I suggest starting early, emailing everyone and anyone you think might have a connection, visiting your school's internship office, and doing some intense googling. 

6. Independent Study

I did an independent study my last semester of senior year. It involved me writing my own syllabus and picking a faculty member to facilitate my learning. 

I chose a communication professor who I had had my sophomore year and specialized in digital media. I got to learn about so many things that truly interested me and I looked forward to our  meetings every week and loved the conversations we were able to have. I learned so much more about what I was passionate about and having one on one attention to facilatate this learning was such a special and unique experience. 

7. Ambassador

I started in my school's ambassador program my freshman year. I was deathly terrfied of the interview process and almost used it as an excuse not to apply. Thankfully I didn't because it was one of my favorite activites I did every week.

As an ambassador at Furman you work for the admissions office giving tours to prospective students every week and working other admission events throughout the school year. On a busy day when I was stressed about homework or a test, a tour was honestly always the last thing I wanted to do. But I was always shocked how happy I was at the end of every tour.

Taking an hour showing off your campus and sharing with others what you love about your school always served as a great little reminder how happy I was at Furman and never failed to leave me in a better mood. The most rewarding part of course was always when a younger student came up to me on campus and told me that I was the one who gave them their first tour. <3 

What are the things you're the most thankful you did in college?! 





Fall Shoes You Need

I took the past two days off from blogging to really focus on school work. I had two giant midterm projects due on Monday and Tuesday and I was slightly overwhelmed with everything to do. BUT they are both offically turned in (and presented!!!) and I'm feeling a big weight off my shoulders. Both of the projects were on pretty interesting topics though so I can't complain too much.

I'm sure you didn't come here to read about my midterm projects soooo back the point of this post...

I'm much more of a clothes person than a shoe person but that's not to say I don't still love a good pair of shoes. I can't think of shoes without thinking of Carrie Bradshaw and her endless love for her shoes. There's no doubt I would love shoes just as much as she did if I had the type of collection she had!

Switching over to fall can make your shoe collection feel limited after putting away so many sandals. I recently ordered a new pair of booties (this pair to be specific) and couldn't help but find so many more good ones for cooler weather!!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Cheers to turned in midterms and fall shoes!




FriYAY + My Spontaneous Trip

I had a bit of a spontaneous Thursday afternoon and drove up to Columbia at the very last second for a Thomas Rhett Concert. It's totally not like me to make a last minute decision and just pack up and leave on a Thursday night. It took me calling my best friend and my mom to convince me to do it but I'm so glad I did! The concert was a blast and it was the perfect break from midterms and a night off from homework.

Going to keep this Friday's post pretty short because I totally thought I would have an open Thursday night to write this post.

Cheers to being spontaneous.

Kinda love this Fall look.

Random Findings...
1. This video definitely made me tear up and made me love college football even more.
2. Has anyone tried these?! I watched a ton of Youtube review videos and it looks like they just might work.
3. THIS Savannah wedding...goals.
4. Speaking weddings...you can now pre-order your Southern Weddings Volume 10 edition!
5. If this happens I will die happy

1. These booties are EVERYTHING. If only they came in navy....
2. The new Draper James x Jack Rogers shoes (one | two) are adorable

Fashion News
1. Gucci committing to fur-free fashion
2. H&M making headlines with this new partnership




Where Are You Fall?

Today the high is 86 degrees. 

We've now hit mid October and I'm ready to pull out my sweaters and fall clothes but this insanely hot weather is making that slightly impossible. Instead I'm just going to pretend that in my outfit post today that I wasn't sweating to death while shooting this.

But I was willing to make sacrifices to show you this sweater and skirt, both of which I'm obsessed with. 

I splurged on this sweater at Club Monaco a few weeks ago. The bows on the sleeves really sold me. I can't wait to pair it with jeans and booties if it ever gets chilly. I know without a doubt that it will be one of my favorite purchases this season.

I'm a sucker for tweed, especially in the fall. It always seems to fit so well into the warm colors of this season. I figured that this skirt would be a classic and something I could wear season after season. Plus the flair on the bottom is just so girly and fun. I do recommend sizing down however.


Happy Thursday friends, we're so close to the weekend!




Photography by fellow SCAD student, Taylor Wedding