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Etsy Finds

Can you believe I'm going to be kind of adult-like and will have my own apartment in Savannah?! It's equally exciting as it is terrifying. While I'm super excited to have my own space I have a feeling that I'll be spending most of my days in the library or in an academic building. But there's no doubt it will be nice to come home to my own space.

Since I'll be a full-time student and will most likely only be there for a year I'm not going to crazy on the decorating (that will have to wait until I have a real job!). However, I am still trying to make the place feel comfortable and feel like me. I'm going to be using a lot of the same things that I've had in my rooms throughout my college years and then I'll have to purchase a few bigger items that I'll need (a couch, a mattress, etc). 

There are definitely ways you can go about decorating a place without breaking the bank. I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy looking at pieces I could decorate with and have stumbled upon SO MANY CUTE THINGS.  

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Let me know in the comments your favorite Etsy shop!!

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Another week of summer gone and I'm not okay with it going by so fast. Can we rewind to the beginning of June please?!

This week we did a lot of work preparing for my big move in late August early September. I signed a lease for an apt (!!!!!!!!) and we actually are going down to visit and finish up some paper at the beginning of this week (and staying in Hilton Head YIPPEE). I'm so excited to see the apt in person so I can start envisioning where I want to put everything. I also received my class schedule! It made me nervous, but excited thinking about all cool projects I'll get to work on and all the awesome professor I'll get to learn from. 

In case you haven't been a long time follower, I'll be heading to Savannah in September to start my Masters in Fashion and Luxury Management. I've gotten a few emails asking about my program so I thought I'd link the overview of my program here! Sounds cool right?! I think it will be the perfect way to propel me into the Fashion and Communications industry hopefully next year and begin the career I've been dreaming of!

I've really been interested in podcasts lately. I found these two lists ( 1 | 2 ) that seem to have some really promising ones that I have added to my list!

So excited Scotty released a new song! And the music video is the cutest. 

I cringed watching this Ellen Show episode!!!!!!!

Debating ordering this suitcase. I think it would be a good investment. 

I haven't been able to fall asleep at night so I've been watching this show on Amazon! Too cute!

Ordered this dress this week (adorable) as well as this shirt which I found out runs uber small (I'm going to size up one or two sizes). 

What's new on Netflix. Brb going to watch Moana.

If this happens I will be the first in line to get tickets. 




Back To School With PBteen

Although I may have posted my graduation pictures this week, I still have more school (does it ever end?!) to get through before I enter into the real real world. I start grad school in September at the Savannah College of Art and Design and I'm excited to really focus and learn more about what I love. I actually just received my class schedule yesterday so it's slowly starting to feel more real! 

On top of receiving my schedule I also just signed a lease on an apt! I'll be just about half a mile from the building where a majority of my classes will take place so I'll be biking to most of my classes. Although I have a basket on my bike it's not big enough to hold a bag so I'll definitely stick to what I know and continue using a backpack. They're easier to tote around and fit so much more!

I vividly remember picking out a new backpack for school every year in elementary school and taking so much time analyzing and inspecting every one in the store to make sure I made the right decision. New school supplies (like backpacks) are honestly the best part about going back to school!

PBteen reached out to me to celebrate the back to school season and their new adorable collection of backpacks. And trust me, the one I picked out passes all my inspection. For me (and I think any college student) it's essential to have a generous laptop sleeve since you will most likely be toting it around from class to class. I have a 15" MacBook and it slide in perfectly to the built in sleeve. I also still had room for a couple folders and two binders as well!

And let's be real...the best part of the backpack (besides the adorable pink and navy combo) is THE MONOGRAM. Ugh I can't take the cuteness...plus I mean how adorable will it look on the back of my light pink beach cruiser. The matching pencil case with my monogram fit perfectly on the side of the backpack and luckily with 2 drink pockets, I still had room for a water bottle on the other side.

This post was created in partnership with PBteen but as always all opinions are my own! Thanks PBteen for this opportunity!

Check out the rest of PBteen's adorable backpack line! So many to choose from!

First Day of Summer & National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Brace yourselves because today is the best day of the year. I would say it's probably right up there with Christmas and my birthday. It's time to put on your sunnies, pull out your flamingo shaped floaty, and eat popsicles all day becauseeeeee IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME.  

Not only is it the first day of summer but Lilly always celebrates by encouraging everyone to wear their favorite Lilly print. While I would normally stick to something a little more classic (like a shift dress) I spotted this adorable romper when I was in the store the other day and brought it into the dressing room to at least give it a try. 

I loved the pattern but I was a bit nervous because I had tried on a similar romper a few seasons ago and it was just wayyyy to low cut on me and was too long in the torso area. Standing at only 5'1 and having a larger chest it makes it hard to find to find rompers that truly fit without many alterations. This one fit to a T and even has a small snap along the neckline to minimize the amount of cleavage shown. I honestly couldn't believe how much I liked it. 

And now I am in love with it and want to wear it to everywhere. I like how it's a little different than what you would expect but still a classic Lilly look. Ya know?! 

Now grab yourself either a large bowl of ice cream or a popsicle and scroll down for a fun post (and outfit details)!   

Romper | Shoes (size an entire size down) | Earrings | Watch | Bracelet | Bike | Bike Basket





Pink Ruffles

We're now officially a day away from the official start to summer. 

Which honestly feels likes craziness because it's felt like full blown summer here for the past month. And lucky for us it will last until Septemeber. 

Off the shoulder tops are all the rage recently and I'm all about them in this North Carolina heat. However I get nervous about spending money on trendy pieces like an off the shoulder top when it might go out of style in 2 seasons. So when picking out fun, trendy clothes I like to stick to keep the price point to a minimum. This adorable statement top is under $20 (yes you read that right)! I mean come on does it get better than that?! 

I shared on my instagram story a few days ago that I found my Bamboo bag at TJMAXX!!!! I feel like this bag is all the talk right now but I never felt like I could pull the trigger on a bag over $100 that I realistically didn't need. I saw it out of the corner of my eye right when I walked in and couldn't believe it. Nor the fact that it was $34! So I had to get it right?! So check your local TJMaxx and maybe you could get lucky!

Please ignore the hair frizz in my photos...like I mentioned, Carolina heat is powerful.

Top // Shorts // Sandals // Purse (similar) // Sunglasses // Watch // Bracelet




Graduation Photos

It's surreal that I'm posting these photos. When I was buried deep in the library late into many nights I swore May 6, 2017 would never come. It felt like an imaginary date that often felt decades away. Partially because I never wanted it to come and partially because when you're drowning in papers and tests it feels like college is never ending.

I would have been cool with one more year. 

This past week Furman held their first summer orientation session. They shared the news and the event all over Instagram and Snapchat and although it has no direct effect on me, it made me a little sad. 1. Because I felt like these new kids were in some ways taking the place of our class and 2. because they have no idea how lucky they are to be starting this phase of their life especially at such a special place like Furman. 

4 years in college is honestly one of the best gifts life gives you. For 4 years you get to focus on working super hard on school work and learning more about who you really are. You are challenged in a way you have never been challenged and it's 4 years that you really get to be selfish and focus on yourself. 

You're straddling adulthood yet you're still a child with no real responsibility. I watched my friends this year as they began their search for jobs and post-grad plans and it made me so thankful for the past few years. College is a breath of fresh air that I wish could never end. Although I feel like I get to push adulthood away for one more year as I become a full-time grad student adulthood is still slowing looming closer (let me know if you've figured out how to make it stop). 

While I truly am so excited for my next season of life, there's no doubt that life is never going to be the same. As all of my best friends from school scatter themselves across the globe I'm wishing we could go back to our sophomore year dorms when we all lived within steps of each other. If only we could slow down time.

Well, May 6th, 2017 eventually came and went and against my best judgment I walked the stage and closed the Furman chapter of my life. Furman was the first place since elementary school that I lived somewhere for longer than 3 years so it truly felt like home and I am forever grateful to the school and community. 

I'll stop rambling now.


The day of graduation is crazy with friends and family pulling you in every direction, so my friends and I knew we wanted to lessen the stress by taking some pictures beforehand. My mom surprised me by scheduling a short session with Lori from Madeline Photography. I just recently got the pictures back and I'm so happy with how they turned out!

*All photos by Madeline Photography

See more day-of graduation photos here!