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Prep Avenue Planners Pre-Orders!!


Tomorrow is the day!!! I'm starting pre-orders for Prep Avenue Planners tomorrow (Friday, the 8th!) at 9AM at www.prepavenueplanners.com. I'm beyond excited to finally share them with you and so excited to tell you more about the details.

I've been working on this project for about a year now and I can't believe the day is finally here. If you didn't see my first post announcing my new venture, after never being able to find a planner to fit my needs as a student, I decided to create my own! I've teamed up with sweet Evelyn Henson who helped me with all the adorable artwork as well.

So much behind the scene organization and work went into this project so I'm ecstatic it's finally going to be out in the world. I want to answer some of the questions people might have about the pre-order and about the planners so I outlined some of the common questions below!

Why Pre-Orders?

The planners are currently being manufactured and will be done in about a week in a half and then shipped to me! However, I wanted to start presales so people could reserve theirs...and because I simply couldn't wait any longer to share all the details with you all :) 

The planners are expected to ship around the end of June, with plenty of time to get it before your school year starts! Please know your credit card will be charged when you place your pre-order. 

What is the price ?

The planners are $39.99 plus shipping and tax. 

Why is there limited quantity?

Since this is my first year doing this, there's a very limited quantity of planners available. So make sure you pre-order yours quick to ensure you get the one you want! 

Will I be able to order one after pre-orders?

Once the planners arrive to me (after they've been manufactured) you won't have to pre-order one anymore and it will switch to a regular ordering system. However, like I mentioned there is a limited quantity so if you know you want one, be sure to pre-order it to make sure you get one!

What does the planner look like on the inside?

There is a full video of me explaining the planner on the website that you will be able to see tomorrow and I will also be going through the inside of the planner on Instagram stories today, so be on the lookout for that! 

What do the covers look like?
The three covers in these pictures are the three that will be available: Preppy Stripes, Gorgeous Ginger Jars, Happy Hydrangea! 

Dates of the planner:

The planner runs from August 2018 through August 2019. 

I'm so excited, I can't stand it! I hope you all love them as much as I do. 




H&M Finds

Has anyone else been super impressed with H&M lately? I was flipping through their new arrivals was and seriously impressed. So many fun, flowy, summery dresses and SO MUCH blue and white. I really want to pop into the store to try some of them on in person.

The best part about H&M is that everything is super affordable. They're not necessarily the best quality dresses, but they're great for casual summer days. 

Anyone else had success with H&M lately? I currently have a cart full but I need to work on pairing it down a bit...

What did you add to your cart?!




Affordable & Adorable Silk Scarves

I'm a big fan of the recent silk scarf trend. They look so cute paired with a simple shirt or a solid color dress. Scarves have always been one of my favorite fall and winter accessory but I love that silk scarves can work in the spring and summer.  However, my collection of silk scarves is limited to one scarf I got years ago so I thought it would be fun to order one or two to pair with my summer dresses.

However, every time I see cute scarf I like on blogger, they're a big designer name with a cost that's way out of my student budget. All of these adorable scarves are under $100 and are just as cute as some of those designer scarves! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12




All Things Royal Wedding

Raise your hand if you fell even more in love with the royal family after this weekend. *meeee*

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning to watch the real life fairy tale take place. It was so magical and worth the early wake-up call. The only thing that I think could have made it better is if:
1. I was there to see it or catch a glimpse of the couple in person
2. Fresh English pastries and tea to enjoy while watching

All in all, it met every expectation. I spent the rest of my morning watching wedding videos and looking through dozens of Pinterest wedding boards. Anyone else?!

I thought I would round up all the fun articles I read about the wedding this weekend. My best friend and my mom were equally as obsessed with the event and we were all exchanging fun facts and articles all day. Here were some of my favorites in case you missed the big event:

My favorite photo from the wedding! Read the back story here!

1. Meghan Markle Wore $8 Nail Polish (that I already own!!!)
2. What it was like to be outside of the Windsor gates
3. Best Dressed Guests
4. This was one of my favorite guest's look!
5. 16 Things you didn't know about the dress until now
6. Their wedding cake! Curious about the flavor now...
7. Even the getaway car's license plate had meaning!
8. Wow! The resemblance between these two dresses is quite interesting!
9. The Bride and Groom's second look of the day.
10 Hours after the wedding Meghan Markle was officially on the fam website!
11. Where all their flowers went after the wedding





Okay, who else out there is freaking out about the Royal wedding?! I am totally planning on waking up so I can watch the ceremony live. I cannot wait to see the dress and little Charlotte and George. Maybe Charlotte will give us a little wave like she did when she went to go meet her new little brother.

The countdown is down to 2 weeks until school ends and slightly over 3 until I begin my summer in the Pink Palace! There is so much happening within the next three weeks though that I'm beginning to get slightly overwhelmed by it all. Between my youngest brother's high school graduation, finals, a wedding, and packing up for the entire summer in Philly, I have a lot of big events in the next few weeks. Exciting (well all of them except for finals) but stressful!

Emory spent last weekend in Savannah with me and we had a blast. We spent one evening on Tybee beach and brought a picnic dinner and then spent a full day on Hilton Head Island. Both were perfect (but hot) days. It felt so much like summer! Until of course I heard that 6am alarm Monday morning.

On my radar...

1. Did you hear Backstreet Boys new song they released this week?!

2. Did you see Julia's new May dresses?! I love this one, and I'm still thinking about grabbing this one from the April collection.

3. Chip and Jo's first flip since the end of Fixer Upper just hit the market, and it's so adorable, like always.

4. If you want all the updates on the Royal Wedding, make sure you're following this account.

5. Documentaries worth watching to add to your summer to-do list.

6. Obsessed with these shorts.

Happy Friday! Remember,



Target Finds You Can't Resist

I think I'm really a suburban house mom at heart. Nothing gets me excited like a trip to target and a stroll through their dollar section. Anyone else?!

While at Furman, the closest Target was on the complete opposite side of Greenville. It was about a 20-25 minute drive so I couldn't go as likely as I would have wanted. Now living in Savannah, I live in the heart of the historic district, which is beyond convenient for my classes, however, the closest Target once again is at least 20 minutes away. While my credit card is rather happy, I would prefer one much closer.

I have decided that when I start looking for a job after graduation, a Target within close proximity will be high on the priority list...too much?

Yesterday, while trying to get my Target fill without driving 25 minutes, I spent entirely too long on the website. Seriously so great summer finds!!

What's your fav? That khaki coat though.




Newest Arrivals

Does anyone else add tons of things to their shopping cart on multiple websites and then never pull the trigger? Me...all the time.

I find cute stuff online (mostly when I'm procrastinating) and keep the tab open for weeks and then one day I finally come to the realization that I'm either never going to buy what's in my cart or they have run out of my size, whichever comes first, then I finally close the tab.

Spring/ Summer season comes around though and every year and my love for shopping nearly multiplies by 20 (is that even possible?!). So many cute dresses. So many cute skirts. And I just can't help myself.

Many of my favorite brands have been releasing their summer lines recently and instead of emptying my savings to buy all of the new arrivals I thought I would share my favorites with you all!

Loft //

What's in your cart?