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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Craziness

Lord have mercy. You would think this was the last time you could ever order from Nordstom or something! These people are treating this sale as the event of the year. While I love a good sale as much as the next fashion blogger people are acting like this stuff is free (news flash..it's not free)!

If you're unaware of this colossal event that I'm referring to, let me explain. Nordstrom is currently hosting their Anniversary Sale. Today it opens to the public (it was previously just open to cardholders) and it's a chance to buy new fall and winter items before the season at a discounted price.

While I won't disagree that Nordstrom is a magical place it can be overwhelming with every blogger you follow posting videos, insta stories, youtube videos, and blog posts about what to buy. My rule of thumb that I try to follow during sales like this is if you would buy it at full price, something you use regularly, or a classic, go for it. I try to avoid impulse buys just because it's on sale or someone is blogging about it.

To change it up a bit I thought I would highlight some of the pieces that I got a giggle over that were included in the sale and then some of my favorites.

For a giggle:

1. Just in case you have been searching everywhere for a canvas of a water cooler...
2. Okay, who knew there was even such thing as an eye massager...not me
3. In case the water cooler wasn't what you wanted, maybe this one will fit in your room?
4. I know you've been wanting $1000 dollar face cream...A THOUSAND DOLLARS
5. Star Wars looking jacket
6. Fancy solo cups (who knew those words could ever go together?!)
7. Backpack turned cooler!
8. This jacket looks like it's been chewed by a dog

My favorites:

Beauty Products:


I honestly think the home products may be my favorite part of the sale. If I wasn't already using my bedding and shower curtain from years prior I would totally get buy this and this!! So many cute things!

What did you snatch up from the sale??





Happy Friday! Arguably the best day of the week!

In the summer, every day feels like Friday to me. The temperature has been consistently climbing up and some days getting into the 100s. It's hard not to want to wear athletic clothes every day and some days I have to force myself to wear shorts with buttons. Ha!

This week I have been back and forth to the beach with Emory. I wrote about it last week but it's always fun for me to go back because growing up my family also had a house there and I lived a large portion of my childhood on Camp Lejeune which is only about 30 minutes from Emerald Isle. It's weird to think about that we could have been there at the same time growing up and we didn't even know it!

I got to show Emory around on base and point out my high school and old house! This week I'm stuck playing catch up and going to finally get around to lot of errands that need to be done as we get closer and closer to my move in. I do have a fun trip to Palm Beach scheduled at the end of next week though that can not come fast enough!

Emory and I at Cape Lookout!

1. Okay just heard this song and I am obsessed. 

2. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to everyone and I'm going to post more of my favorites later but here are some things I have my eye on. 

3. H&M has been killing it lately! Have my eye on this dress, this dress, andddd this dress

4. I've heard great things about this nail polish.

5. Sisterhood of the traveling news reporter dress (I found the dress in pink, yellow, and black!)

7. Kate ROCKING the off the shoulder trend...and did you notice her scalloped heels and new haircut?! Swoon

8. Becuase this is important stuff to know




Function of Beauty

I'm a creature of habit. I love schedules, I like repetition, and I hardly ever make changes unless they're absolutely necessary. This probably explains why I have used a lot of the same makeup, beauty products, and toiletries since high school.

I've used TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner for as long as I can remember. I had it all throughout high school and vividly remember lugging the giant bottles back and forth to my community showers in my dorm. I like the smell and never really had a reason to change. So I just...didn't.

I read about Function of Beauty a few months ago and thought it was the coolest concept. As someone with super thick (and a lot of) hair I loved the idea of being able to customize what I wanted in my shampoo and conditioner.

When Function of Beauty reached out to me and offered to send me my own customized shampoo and conditioner it was the perfect excuse to embrace change and try something new!

So how does it work?

The first thing you will do is take a hair quiz where you will answer questions about your hair so the shampoo and conditioner formula can be unique to you! The quiz covers everything from the texture to the thickness of your hair. Then you can select different goals for your shampoo and conditioner.

I try to limit the heat on my hair in the summer but during the school year I am constantly using my straightener and as a result, my hair takes a beating. So I decided to choose some strengthening and healing goals such as replenishing hair and fixing split ends.

To finish it off you can choose the color of the formula, size bottles you want, and the fragrance!

Tell me that's not so cool.

I put it on my insta story when I received the box and many of you messaged me and asked me to do a review. I wanted to wait a few weeks however before I wrote about it because I wanted to try it out for myself so I could give you my honest opinion.

As you can see by the half empty bottles in the pictures I have been using it and have been surprised at how much I like it! I love the smell (I went with grapefruit hibiscus) and it makes my hair so smooth after getting out of the shower. The ends of my hair slowly have been feeling stronger and healthier too!

You can get $5 off of your order by going through my link here. Start your quiz now and receive shampoo and conditioner unique to your hair!!




When Life Gives You Lemons...

I honestly don't think I've ever owned a dress longer than my knees. I love how long dresses look on other people but standing at only 5'1 I'm always convinced that I can't pull them off without wearing 5-inch heels or wedges. When given the choice I have always chosen short over long. Prom, all my sorority formals, and functions, I have worn short dresses. 

However this summer I made it my mission to find a longer dress that I liked and felt comfortable in. I spotted this adorable lemon pattern on Loft's website but wanted to see it all in person! I went to my local Loft store and spotted this dress right when we walked in. It hits right at the midshin area and although it's shown hitting shorter on the model, I really liked how it looked on!

It's so light and perfect for summer days. I wore it when my mom, grandma, and I went out to lunch and explored the adorable time of Pinehurst! I got so many compliments on it just walking around and now I'm hooked and wondering why I was so terrified of long dresses for long?! 

 Dress (wearing a 0 regular) | Shoes | Purse (similar) | Watch | Bracelet



Great Gifts (under $20!)

Does anyone else feel like they're always searching for gifts? Between friends, family, coworkers, significant others I feel like I'm searching for the perfect gift. My go-to for friends is always a cute frame and a picture of us inside. It's a pretty easy gift to put together and something that everyone can appreciate. 

I try to keep a small stash of fun birthday and other greeting cards on hand so if I remember something last minute I always have something small. But I put together a small list of ideas that would be perfect for a range of people and totally affordable! 


I'm currently down at the beach visiting Emory for a few days! It was a funny coincidence when Emory and I realized freshman year that we both had beach houses on Emerald Isle on the same street only a few miles apart! We have since sold our beach house but it's always funny to go back to a place where I spent so much time and spent a lot of my childhood! It's also only 30 minutes from Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune which is where I was born and lived for many years when I was younger.

Emory is going to ride back to Raleigh with me too so we'll get to spend some time down at the beach and back at my house!

Throwback to this post from a few weeks ago. This adorable bag is under $20!

The history behind matching bridal parties outfits.

Preppy summer pants guide!

The first luxury smart watch...so cool

Cheerleaders turned wedding party.

I couldn't believe it when I heard this news. This used to be one of my favorite shows!!

Brett Eldredge's new song.

The best thing to order for a friend's birthday when you're in a bind.

This is my kind of fidget spinner.

So much Tuckernuck that I have my eye on right now.

What's on your radar this week? Tell me what I missed!




Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially upon us. And I'm sure you're well aware because just about every blogger has tweeted, instaed, pinned, and blogged about it. I guess it's just indicative of how big and exciting this sale really is!

It's your big chance to stock up on tons of brand new fall and winter pieces from the latest collections and the coolest designers. Tons of wardrobe classics are always included along with new trendy pieces that are irrespirable.  

The sale will run July 21 - August 6. However early access starts TODAY Thursday,  July 13! If you want to join in to receive early access you must sign up for a Nordstrom debit or credit card. The good things go fast and the minute the sale ends the prices go right back up to their regular price. So take advantage and stock up on some cooler weather clothing.

While it takes forever to go through everything included in the sale I have gone through a huge majority of it and highlighted my favorites.