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LOTS of pink and navy in today's post. But like are we surprised at this point?!

My parents are starting to ask for some ideas and at 22 years old most presents under the tree aren't really going to be much of a surprise. I'm trying be strategic about what I ask for as I'm heading into the real world all too soon. Random things like kitchen supplies and pieces that will be appropriate for work one day are in the forefront of my mind but of course, I couldn't help but add a few fun pieces in too.

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one // I'm obsessed with this navy velvet clutch. I mean it's navy and has a bow, what's not to like?! I think it would be perfect for all kinds of winter parties or weddings and would be such a fun addition to any outfit.

two // Okay, I'm not usually one to go for such a statement piece but I'm really into faux fur right now. I think it would look super cute over a black dress or black leggings!

three // Kate Spade released a new coffee table book recently and I'm dying to add it to my collection!

four // My mom made a comment the other day how bad my tennis shoes are looking. They're kind of on their last leg so I'm on the hunt for a new pair. I couldn't resist adding this pair to the list.

five // Okay...these are the BEST price and come in 5 colors! I can't decide which color I like best but I honestly think you couldn't go wrong with any of them.

six // I think this would be the best stocking stuffer or housewarming gift! Tons of my friends are moving / moved recently since we just got out of college and I think this would be an adorable gift! Plus it's SUPER affordable!

seven // I've talked about my obsession with circle bags before but I've had my eye on a blush colored one forever. This one is pretty affordable and adorable!

What's on your wishlist?




Popular Right Now

This past quarter I took a fashion class called in Forecasting and Business Trends. It was by far my favorite and the most challening class! It was fascinating to learn about how to predict trends, read trend reports, and make our own predictions. We would have converstaions about the current industry and some of the current trends and then try to get to the bottom of each trend (why they're popular, when they orginated, when they've been seen before).

It was so fun! I sound so nerdy saying that but it really was. So it's espically fun to pick up a magazine and see trends we talked about in class!

There are so many fun trends going on right now that it's making it hard to not have a million tabs constanly open on my computer. I'm not typically the first to adopt a new trend. I'm usually very hesitant to change and not one to step outside of my comfort zone to try something new. I still remember when people started wearing yoga pants. I SWORE I would never wear pants that tight and form fitting...now of course I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday. I still laugh at the fact that I ever had that thought.

There's a few trends this season that I'm totally digging right now!





What trends are you loving right now?!




Holiday Shoes

Before I even go into the post...THESE SHOES. Are these not me in a shoe?! I'm obsessed and added them to my Christmas list.

I wish I had tons of fancy holiday parties and dinners to go as an excuse to order fun sparkly dresses and matching shoes. But the reality looks more like me sitting on our family couch watching hallmark movies in my pjs but a girl can wish right?!

Well if I did have some fancy holiday parties to go to you can bet I would be wearing some fun holiday shoes like these. I do however have a wedding to go to in December so I'm excited to get all dressed up for that. I haven't figured out what I'm wearing yet but I just might have to order a pair of these those to wear with my dress. 


Happy Monday friends!!





I'm officially done with my first quarter of grad school! YIPPEE!!! It absolutely flew by but I'm looking forward to some quality time at home with my family. I'm heading home today and making a quick pitstop in Columbia to see Emory for a day or two before he dives into his finals. And you can bet I'll be jamming to Taylor's new album the whole way home.

I took a break from blogging this week so I could really focus on my finals, but I will be back next week in full swing with fun gift guides and other festive posts to kick off the holiday season!

See the orginal post here!

1. This dress is what dreams are made of...I could probably afford it in my dreams too.
2. Did you see Lilly's new print?! And for such a great cuase!!!
3. I have a wedding to go to in December and I thinking maybe this dress?
4. Kinda loving these fun sunglasses
5. Really eyeing these shoes for the holidays
6. On a scale of 1-10 how weird is it that I'm actaully putting this on my Christmas list?

Random Finds:
1. OBSESSED with this post. Make me want to go back to Paris more than I can explain
2. All of Mackenzie's wedding posts this week were so fun
3. This video made my heart so happy
4. And if you were wondering what my favorites from Taylor's new album is I think my top favorites are: New Year's Day, Getaway Car, Delicate, and Dress!!! What are yours?!?!





Happy happy Friday friends! We made it, yippee!

I'm going to keep it rather short because I'm currently knee deep (or really more like head deep) into my final projects. They are all due next week hence the total lack of blog posts this week. I'm typically pretty good at writing posts ahead of time but when it comes to finals week my priorities shift to 100% school work. I finish up the quarter next Thursday so keep me in your thoughts as I power through next week. After that, the blog will be back up and running on a more regular schedule! The good news is I'm loving my final projects so far.

Thanksgiving is so close I can taste it! Hahaha I crack myself up...

Luckily there were some pretty exciting things happen this week that made working on finals a tad bit better.

On my radar...
1. Obviously #1 had to be Taylor's new album. I think currently New Year's Day is my favorite (also love Getaway Car)! What's your fav so far?!
2. Speaking of music, I'm in love with Kelsea Ballerini's new album too
3. Chip and Jo's line at Target came out!
4. Can't wait to see this come to life
5. Now you can actually eat breakfast at Tiffany's...add that to the bucket list.
6. Loving this scarf, this dress (on sale!), these sunglasses, and these shoes!
7. Did you catch my apartment tour on the blog this week?!




Apartment Tour!

After living here for almost 2 months I finally got around taking some pictures of my new apartment! This has been on my to-do list for...well since I moved in so I'm excited to share with you some pictures of my living room area. 

Now first off,  I'm definitely far from an interior designer but living in a small dorm room and college apartments for the last 4 years I was excited to get my hands on a space that I could decorate exactly how I wanted. 

Luckily college also how taught me how to plan for a space before I'm even physically in it. When my mom and I first toured the building this past spring I took a quick iphone video so I could use it for reference when planning. As a very visual person I also used photoshop and powerpoint to collage   pictures of pieces from websites so I could get a rough view of what everything would look like together. 

Here is the powerpoint I put together of my living room, it's funny how close it resembles what my living room looks like today. I really didn't spend a lot of time trying to make it look realistic I just wanted to get a quick view of how everything would look together. It ended up being so helpful on move in day becuase I had everything planned out in my head before hand where I wanted everything to go so we didn't have to waste a lot of time arranging and moving things. It also made it easy because I knew exactly where I wanted to hang everything and we could start on that right away.

I knew I wanted mostly shades of blue with pops of pinks. Most of my stuff is already in those colors (and they're my favorite!) so it made the most sense. Plus I mean you obviously can't go wrong with pink or blue. 

This summer I spent a lot of time planning out everything I needed. As a recent college grad and now grad student I was on a limited budget and used a fair amount of pieces I had from my preivous rooms and apartments. 

I got my adorable little coffee table from Raleigh's flea market for $30 and gave it a fresh coat of navy paint we already had at my house from painting my bedroom. It turned out better than I imagined and was so affordable. My living room chair was a neighbor's that they were giving away my mom picked it up for me before I even got home from school and then I picked out a fabric to have it recovered in. So much more afforadable than buying a whole new chair!

Other big pieces like my rug and tv we waited until Amazon Prime Day and got great deals on those too. Other furniture like my tv console and bar stools are from Target (gotta love that place)! While I knew I wanted to get just a simple couch from Wayfair becuase of their free shipping! All my ginger jars my mom and I had collected over the last few years from Home Goods (thank God for Home Goods) and all my side tables were pieces I already had. 

So if you're on a limited budget but tend to have expensive tatse (I feel you girl) know that it's possible to find some great home pieces on a great budget. I think my little apartment turned out perfect and I loving coming home to some place that feels so much like me. 


Other Products:
Ginger Jar Pillows: Katie Kime
Prints (above TV): Evelyn Henson & History in High Heels
Prints (above sidetable): Inslee

If there is anything else you're curious where I got it feel free to comment on this post or email me and I'll get back to you!





I'm going to be honest, this week blogging was the last thing on my mind. I usually try really hard to get posts up during the week but this week, with 3 projects due, it got put on the back burner. I really do love blogging and it's something that I look forward to spending time on so I always feel a bit annoyed with myself with I don't make time to write a post.

Ya win some ya loose some right?! With Thanksgiving a little over two weeks away I have already started a to-do list of small things I want to get done at home. I'm so so so excited to see my family (and my sweet pup!) and spend some quality time with all of them.

This was my last super busy week (school wise) before our finals in a few weeks! Ekk!!

Loved this post this week from Blair!

Fun Finds:
1. History of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in photos
2. This song was on repeat this week
3. This literally happened 5 minutes from my apt...why didn't I get an invite?!
4. The making of the song Goregous!

Fashion Happenings:
1. Reese Witherspoon is on the cover October cover of Glamour!
2. Dying to see this documentary
3. Kate Spade released some of their holiday items as well as their super fun holiday campaign!

1. THESE are amazing
2. Also, totally have my eyes on this dress (and it's on sale!)
3. Really loving this sweater for winter
4. I think I need these for the holidays and maybe this dress to go with