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To be honest, I don't really have anything super exciting to update you on. My week wasn't super interesting and honestly it contained a lot of mundane errands, workout classes, searching for couches online, runs to Home Goods, and trying to get ahead with some blog posts since I'm going to be gone for a little (read where I'm going here).

Buttttt the good news is even though I don't really have anything super exciting to report on, there are a few exciting things on my radar!

My brother and I went and got snowcones this week (I got cotton candy of course) and I'm wearing this adorable off the shoulder top!

1. This is supposed to be a great new show about a woman's magazine and I'm dying to start it.

2. This video made my mom and I giggle.

3. Watched a few of these videos of this couple doing a road trip across the US visiting all 50 states and now want to watch all of them!

4. Really affordable and a great dress for all occasions.

5. This also made my mom and I LOL.

6. I love watching ballet documentaries and TV shows so of course I watched this this week.

7. How to get a FREE Mac lipstick!!! Like for real...

8. Ordered these shoes for fall today. I think they'll be perfect with jeans in the fall!

9. I am praying I have a chick fil a within walking distance to my new apt because this is awesome.

10. I watched this new documentary this week and if you love the royal family I highly suggest it.



What I'm Packing & Where I'm Going!!!

Saturday I'm jet setting down to West Palm Beach for almost a week of vacation. While I'm so excited to enjoy all things Palm Beach I'm even more excited to be down there to celebrate Emory's birthday with him! Last year I was able to surprise him by flying down after finishing up my internship in NYC but this year it's not as much of a surprise but still just as exciting. 

Obviously, it's extremely hot in South Flordia right now so I'm planning on bringing a lot of light weight dresses that will make being outside a little more bearable. But realistically we'll probably spend a lot of time in air conditioned buildings and in athletic shorts and t-shirts. 

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I'm sure I'll be sharing lots of our adventures on Instagram/ Insta Stories so be sure to be following along!




Workout Clothes

I think I like workout clothes more than the actual act of working out. I envy the people that look forward to the gym every day. Just like most, I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a hard workout but not the workout part that requires that feeling. It's fair to conclude the main reasons I work out is to:

1. justify the big bowl of ice cream I reward myself with and
2. wear the cute workout clothes

I've played sports my whole life and have been relatively fit for a majority of my life but no matter what anyone says running on a treadmill never gets any easier. I get so bored and therefore with every step all I think about is the sweat dripping from my tomato red face and how much farther I have to go before I can stop. I've tried listening to music, podcasts, watching tv episodes, and youtube videos but the bottom line is that I will never reallyyyyy enjoy running. And that is why I am eternally grateful for my relatively fast metabolism. I'm just waiting for the day all the dairy queen blizzards and double stuffed golden oreos all catch up to me. 

Oh how I wish I would have gotten my great grandfather's Olympic running genes. If only...

However this summer I have been trying out some of the classes my gym offers! While I wish I would have gotten into more of a routine earlier in the summer I have really been enjoying them! I like having an instructor tell me exactly what I need to do and the blasting music in the background helps keep my energy up.  

Although most likely the frequency of my gym visits will decrease when I start school in September, I'm going to try to keep up some of it! We'll see how it goes though...I'm known to frequently place school work above everything else which makes working out frequently more difficult. A habit I need to work on for sure.

The one thing that does make working out slightly more worth it is all the adorable athleisure lines that so many stores now offer. I've tried a fair amount of brands but the J.Crew x New Balance collaboration is my all time favorite. They just released a few new items like this scalloped and striped sports bra and these blue striped pants that I am in love with. Maybe instead of ice cream I'll start rewarding myself with new workout clothes! Lol! 

Pants (in navy) | Shoes (similar) | Tank Top | Sports Bra




10 Budget Finds

Summer clothes are really my weakness. It's very hard for me to pass up on a super adorable (and affordable) off the shoulder striped dress as opposed to a practical puffer jacket. Therefore spring and summer months are very hard on my wallet as you can imagine but it also makes the cold months super boring because I have far less exciting clothes to choose from every morning. And then when I finally put together a cute outfit in the winter I feel like I have to cover it right up with a huge jacket!!! Anyone else understand my pain?!

So although it's almost August now and I should probably slow down with the summer clothes and consider buying pieces that would be more practical in the colder months, my love for summer clothes prevails.

I picked out some of my favorite products all at a super great price (including the off the shoulder top I'm wearing in the photo above!)!




Stripes & Gingham

Okay okay I know what you're thinking. 

Is it 4th of July again?!...because your outfit totally looks like it. And the truth is I totally meant to post this outfit in celebration of the 4th. But in true summer mode I ordered it slightly too late and it showed up the day after the 4th. So now I'm wearing my red, white, and blue attire 20 days later. 

But the 4th of July or the 24th of July my love for the outfit doesn't change. While it screams America I feel comfortable and myself in the blue and white stripes and oversized red gingham bow. 


I was a winner of an essay contest my junior year of high school put on by Fortune 500 specifically for the daughters of military members. All the winners got to attend Fortune 500's Most Powerful Women's Summit in Southern California and also received a Loft gift card to pick out a special outfit for the big event. At the conference, we would get to hear and talk to amazing women leaders (like Tyra Banks!) and pick their brain and hear their stories. It was an incredible opportunity. 

Before the I flew out for the event my mom took me to our closest Loft to help me pick out an outfit using my gift card. I picked a cute light grey and white skirt and paired it with a simple white shirt with small detailing on the front and a pretty (but bright) orange printed scarf (it was in the fall) and my favorite sandals. I thought it was perfect for the event and a great balance between my personality yet just dressy enough for a formal event.

I thought this until I pulled up to the bus where I laid eyes on all the other the winners who were waiting to board our bus to the event.

Every.single.girl looked they stepped straight out of corporate America in a sea of black and navy pant suits, blazers, and work dresses. I didn't even want to get out of the car. I immediately felt the tears welling up and texted my mom who was on the other side of the country unable to do anything to help. To say I stood out would be an understatement. 

While in the moment I was dying of embarrassment and would have done literally anything to throw off my bright orange scarf and throw on a black blazer I can appreciate the moment now. There has never been a time in my life when I didn't enjoy wearing color or bright patterns. My wardrobe is the farthest thing from pant suits and blazers and if I would have shown up in all black I would have felt even more unlike myself. 

So fast forward to today, I will wear my bright red gingham shorts with an oversized bow and my blue striped shirt together with confidence, any day of the year!

Shorts | Shirt | Bag | Shoes | Watch | Bracelet

Oh and in case you're wondering, the event ended up being awesome. Tyra signed her book for me and I even got to chat with her for a few minutes!! And on the way out, we were all given goodie bags complete with a brand new IPad. I was speechless. Worth every bit of awkwardness. 

Especially today, remember,



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Craziness

Lord have mercy. You would think this was the last time you could ever order from Nordstom or something! These people are treating this sale as the event of the year. While I love a good sale as much as the next fashion blogger people are acting like this stuff is free (news flash..it's not free)!

If you're unaware of this colossal event that I'm referring to, let me explain. Nordstrom is currently hosting their Anniversary Sale. Today it opens to the public (it was previously just open to cardholders) and it's a chance to buy new fall and winter items before the season at a discounted price.

While I won't disagree that Nordstrom is a magical place it can be overwhelming with every blogger you follow posting videos, insta stories, youtube videos, and blog posts about what to buy. My rule of thumb that I try to follow during sales like this is if you would buy it at full price, something you use regularly, or a classic, go for it. I try to avoid impulse buys just because it's on sale or someone is blogging about it.

To change it up a bit I thought I would highlight some of the pieces that I got a giggle over that were included in the sale and then some of my favorites.

For a giggle:

1. Just in case you have been searching everywhere for a canvas of a water cooler...
2. Okay, who knew there was even such thing as an eye massager...not me
3. In case the water cooler wasn't what you wanted, maybe this one will fit in your room?
4. I know you've been wanting $1000 dollar face cream...A THOUSAND DOLLARS
5. Star Wars looking jacket
6. Fancy solo cups (who knew those words could ever go together?!)
7. Backpack turned cooler!
8. This jacket looks like it's been chewed by a dog

My favorites:

Beauty Products:


I honestly think the home products may be my favorite part of the sale. If I wasn't already using my bedding and shower curtain from years prior I would totally get buy this and this!! So many cute things!

What did you snatch up from the sale??





Happy Friday! Arguably the best day of the week!

In the summer, every day feels like Friday to me. The temperature has been consistently climbing up and some days getting into the 100s. It's hard not to want to wear athletic clothes every day and some days I have to force myself to wear shorts with buttons. Ha!

This week I have been back and forth to the beach with Emory. I wrote about it last week but it's always fun for me to go back because growing up my family also had a house there and I lived a large portion of my childhood on Camp Lejeune which is only about 30 minutes from Emerald Isle. It's weird to think about that we could have been there at the same time growing up and we didn't even know it!

I got to show Emory around on base and point out my high school and old house! This week I'm stuck playing catch up and going to finally get around to lot of errands that need to be done as we get closer and closer to my move in. I do have a fun trip to Palm Beach scheduled at the end of next week though that can not come fast enough!

Emory and I at Cape Lookout!

1. Okay just heard this song and I am obsessed. 

2. The Nordstrom Sale is now open to everyone and I'm going to post more of my favorites later but here are some things I have my eye on. 

3. H&M has been killing it lately! Have my eye on this dress, this dress, andddd this dress

4. I've heard great things about this nail polish.

5. Sisterhood of the traveling news reporter dress (I found the dress in pink, yellow, and black!)

7. Kate ROCKING the off the shoulder trend...and did you notice her scalloped heels and new haircut?! Swoon

8. Becuase this is important stuff to know