Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Summer Plans

Summer is always my favorite time of year. I finally feel like I have some free time to do the things I love. I can finally put away those heavy jackets and pull out my favorite sun dresses. I can eat as many popsicles as I wish while I hang out on the couch and rewatch my favorite Netflix series and no one can do anything to stop me. 

Okay and do a few productive things....like complete an internship and get ahead on Panhellenic presidential duties before I blink and the school year is rapidly here.  

This summer, I decided to stay on campus for the MayX period and take a fun art class. I'm so glad I decided to stay on campus for an extra 3 weeks and had the chance to enjoy campus while the weather is nice! I always get frustrated during finals season when I'm stuck inside studying because I feel like I never have the chance to enjoy Furman's beautiful campus and the great area due to all the studying! 

Our first mural is still in the works but it's looking great so far!

My class is an art class and it's focused on public art in the Greenville community. We are working on two (very different) murals with local artists. It's so great to get up every morning and spend 3 hours painting. I've learned so much about the process of public art and the importance behind it! My art class ends next week, and I will quickly pack up my room/apartment, head home for my younger brother's high school graduation (!!!) and then fly up to New York City that same weekend where I will be completing my internship this summer!

 I will be working at a fashion PR company and couldn't be more excited for my city adventure! Terrifying that this is my last real "summer". It will definitely be an adventure and I'm excited to see what 2 months in the city holds! 

Let me know if you have any recommendations or your favorite things to do in the city!




Monday, May 23, 2016

My Junior Year Room

Yes, I am now officially done with my junior year. However, I am staying on campus for the month of May to take an on campus Mayx! Last summer I took a Mayx class (it's a class just for the month of May after regular classes are done) in Italy, but this summer I decided to stay on campus and take a fun art class! We are spending the month of May partnered with different local artists and working with them to paint 2 murals in Greenville! 

So, although the regular school year is done, I'm still living on campus for about another week and a half. I realized a few days ago I had never even posted pictures of my junior year room. So this is my junior year room post, after the school year!

Since I was studying abroad in Italy for first semester,  I only lived in this apartment for the second semester of my junior year. I think I made it very homey and I loved the colors I picked out!

Sheets | Duvet Cover | Book Shelves | Throw (Similar | Pattern of Mine) | Favorite Blanket
Curtains (similar)

Make sure you check out my other rooms through my college career. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at decorating small spaces by now.




Monday, May 16, 2016

Brown Leather Sandals

I'm back, back, back again!

School is over and this means I actually have a few seconds of free time to catch my breath and get back into blogging! Hooray! I'm going to post some more posts to update you on the last few weeks of my semester, as well as my summer plans (!!) so be on the lookout for that!

Brown leather sandals seem to be "The Summer Shoe" this year. And I'm definitely not complaining. Brown has always been my neutral of choice and brown sandals have always been a summer staple in my wardrobe (I've gone through 2 of these pairs). 

Last Summer while living in Paris, this pair of brown sandals were worn almost every day. I was on my second pair of my trusty, strappy brown sandals when I was walking down a Parisian street to meet a friend for dinner and my shoe completely broke! Right in the middle of the street! Luckily, there was a Forever 21 right across the street so I was able to go in and buy a super cheap pair of sandals so I had shoes to wear that night! 

*that's how much I wear brown sandals. Wore them right down to the breaking point!*  
1 | 2
3 | 4
5 | 6
7 | 8

I got these Madewell ones last week and have already worn them multiple times. I also have my eye on the Tory Burch pair ;) 




Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break 2016

*This post is a little past due, butttt better late than never right?*

This year was the first year I felt like a real college student on Spring break. Freshman year, I went to NYC with my mom for part and spent the second half at home. Sophomore year, I decided to spend the week catching up on sleep and spending time with family since I would be gone all summer in Italy and Paris and then all of Fall semester in Italy. 

However, this year I went with a group of friends for part of the week to Destin, FL and then for the second part we drove down to Emory's house in West Palm Beach so he could show me around his hometown and we could spend time with his family!

We made the 8-hour drive down to Destin early Saturday morning and ended up taking many twisty and rural backroads. Even though the drive was long, luckily it was an absolutely perfect sunny day so we were able to drive part of the way with the windows down blasting the country music.

There was a total of 9 of us that came and we spent most of the days lounging on the beach with a mix in of Putt Putt runs, a little bit of shopping, and of course, lots of eating!

Before dinner one of the nights we decided to take sunset pictures on the beach!

The girls! (we forgot to get a big group picture with all the boys too...whoops!)

Tuesday afternoon/nightish we headed out and made another 8 hour drive to south Florida to West Palm! First thing Wednesday morning Emory transformed into the best Palm Beach tour guide ever. Luckily, Emory knows me pretty well and started off the first day with brunch at The Breakers. 

^^ Posing with his 3rd plate of food!

After brunch we took advantage of the perfect weather to wander/explore The Breakers so I could snap a million pictures. 

One of the rare photos taken with Emory that I'm not on my tip toes...

I could have sat there all day!

I wasn't kidding when I said perfect weather.

And what's Palm Beach without shopping on Worth Ave? Luckily, Emory is very patient and allowed me to go into every store I set my eye on :) 

Sounds silly but the thing I was most looking forward to was bike riding! I was dying over all the picture perfect houses and stopped way too many times to take pictures of all of them. 

On our last day in Paradise we headed out to Peanut Island on Emory's boat with his family! We did a little snorkeling and relaxed in the sun before making the 10 hour turned 12 hour drive back on Sunday to Furman. 

Definitely a great Spring Break! 




Monday, March 7, 2016

How To Plan a Trip

I am 100% a planner. I like to have a schedule in front of me at all times with a detailed list of everything that I need to do that day.

Right now I am on Spring Break at the beach in Florida with friends and I’m doing my very best to enjoy sitting on the beach with no plan. I’m getting better at it but sometimes it’s still a struggle for me not to plan ahead and just enjoy the moment.

Last semester when I was studying abroad in Italy I learned how to efficiently plan a trip all by myself. We knew going over there that we wanted to take advantage of every moment we weren’t in class. We successfully traveled every weekend, minus one, and planned all of them by ourselves!

Don’t know where to start? I’ll tell ya what I learned.

Bottom line: make it as simple as possible and book it as far out as you can. Book how you’re gonna get there and where you’re gonna stay. Everything else can be done after! 

Expert tip: *make sure you open up a private window on your computer to prevent websites from comparing prices!

1.     Pick a location- Duh, Shannon.

2. Do your research- Figure out which airport you want to fly into (or best transportation to get there in general), best areas to stay in the city, and the dates you’re going to go.

3. Book transportation- The first thing that you should do is figure out how you’re going to get there! There’s no point in booking anything else if you’re not going to get there! Decide the best way to get there, whether it’s a plane, train (the high-speed ones in Europe are so fun!), or if you’re going to drive.

*while I was abroad I would always use Sky Scanner to book flights!*

4. Reserve a room- Once you have your transportation figured out, decide where you want to stay and book it. It’s important to take into account location, especially if you’re going to be walking a lot!

*we stayed in a lot of hostels while abroad and loved using hostelworld to book everything (they have a great app for it too!)

5. Print confirmations- Before leaving make sure you have all your confirmations printed out just in case! I kept a folder with all the important information and bookings always with me.

6. Pack Accordingly- Make sure to check the weather before you pack, and always bring a camera to capture all your fun memories! Don’t forget to look up if your airline or train has any strict bag restrictions.

7.  Go!- Now is the fun time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately Through Pictures + Exciting News!

 Life lately…….

Has been busy, exciting, overwhelming, and any synonym of those words.
Classes have really picked up and last week I was running around campus like crazy while trying to study for 3 tests and fit in an infinite amount of meetings. I thought it would be a bit more fun to show you my life lately through my iphone pictures! If you ever wonder what I do on a daily basis (usually it goes something like class, meetings, homework, meetings, study, bed) you can follow me on snapchat! (Shannon.hessen)

We had a snow day a few weeks ago. It was a much needed day off spent frolicking in the snow with some of my favorite Furman people. We got way more snow than we expected so it was fun to be able to make snow angels and snowmen! Now if only we could get another snow day sometime soon that would be great....

My good friend Chandler and I went and saw Matilda downtown! It's one of my all time favorite broadway shows so I think my heart melted a bit when he asked me to go with him! We had a blast dressing up and being fancy for the night! 

I've always been a big sports person and I've always loved watching basketball! I was even the manager of my high school team! Furman's team has been dong awesome lately so I've been squeezing in as many games as possible! 

My little got a little! I swear it feels like yesterday I was becoming a big and welcoming Mary into the family. Well now, I'm officially a grandma! We are so excited to welcome Rebecca and can't wait for so many fam adventures! 

I became Panhellenic President! What does this mean you may ask? 

Well Panhellenic is the governing body over all sororities on campus. It's a huge role and I was so honored to be selected to represent all the Greek women on Furman's campus. It was a hard decision to go for a position outside of my chapter, but I really wanted to push myself into doing something different and I love getting to know new people. This role will allow me to work with girls from all the sororities on campus and help plan and execute the recruitment process for the incoming freshman next year and help them find their home! 

While I'm nervous to take on such a big role, I'm excited to see what I learn and how I can grow as a leader from this experience. 

Emory had his semi-formal this past Friday in downtown Greenville! After an extremely stressful week, nothing compares to dancing the night away with all your favorite people! It was also the day before Valentine's day so it was the perfect excuse to wear a red dress (and it had a big bow on the back!).

This weekend we have my winter function. It's theme is Dynamic Duos so stay tuned what we dress up as!  

This past Saturday morning my apartment hosted a Valentine's Day brunch for my sorority. We decorated everything pink and all had a blast eating way too many donuts and cinnamon rolls. I honestly can't think of a better way to kick off a Saturday!

On Valentine's Day, after Church, Emory surprised me and took me to the Zoo! Although it was 27 degrees we had a blast wandering around looking at all the animals. By the time we got back to the car it took a solid 10 minutes for my toes and fingers to defrost, but it was so worth it. I have been wanting to go to the Greenville Zoo so I'm glad I got to finally cross it off my Furman bucket list. 




Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kate Spade Spring 2016

Spring is by far my favorite season.

Between the oodles of flowers, the pastel colors everywhere you look, and not to mention my birthday ;) it's basically the best time of the year if you ask me. After long months of cold, miserable weather, nothing compares to Springtime. Already counting down until I can ditch my heavy coat and pull out the skirts and dresses. #46days

Kate Spade just came out with their Spring line and it has me speechless (and dreaming of warmer weather)! One of my favorite things about Kate Spade is their creative photoshoots. I'm in an advertising design class this semester and it's made me pay even more attention to the way brands market their product. The internet has completely changed the way we market products to consumers and it takes a lot now a days to catch the eye of your customer. Kate Spade always comes up with fun and different ways to make their brand stand out (their bright colors and bold patterns help too!). 

Their fun promotional video for this season!

I love how they use real people as well as people significant to their brand to model thier new lines. It adds so much personality to the picture and just makes me love the brand more. Kate Spade did a spotlight on each of their models and it's fun to read about their life behind the photo!

Plus Iris Apfel might be my favorite person, ummmm ever. If you want to procrastinate this week, I suggest watching her documentary on Netflix!

Smile, Spring is on the way!

What is your favorite piece from the collection?





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