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2013 flew by. Literally flew. There were so many big things that happened this year that I’m a bit worried that 2014 won’t be able to live up to its predecessor.  When I look back on this year, I am still shocked by how much I was able to fit in into 12 months! Instead of writing about it all, I decided I would take you through the year in pictures! Not only is it fun to look at, but It’s a fun way for me to reflect on my year. So without further ado…my 2013!

January | Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of college tours. Don’t get me wrong, they were definitely all worth it looking back and I am sooo thankful where I ended up! Furman is for sure the perfect place for me!

February | Lacrosse controlled my February. We had an amazing season and I loved all of my teammates so much! It’s going to be weird next season but I’m wishing my team the best of luck this year! 

March | Prom preparations! I found my dress on vacation and I couldn’t have been more excited! To see more picture from prom! 

April | My favorite month! THE DECISION WAS MADE! After so much stress and pro con lists I finallyyyyyyyy made a decision. I haven’t looked back since! 

May | D came!!!! D flew all the way from Hawaii to spend a month with me and come to my graduation! Even though we text on a daily basis and she’s not as far anymore (she’s going to school in Cali) I miss her sooooo much and I am hoping we will be able to reunited again this summer! 

June | I GRADUATED! After 4 years filled with memories, I finally graduated high school. I was so lucky to be surrounded by so many family and friends (I think I had the most people there!) on this special day! Click here for more pictures of my preppy graduation!

July| A month of adventure! I spent the month in NYC interning at a fashion showroom! It was my first “big girl” experience. I explored the city and mastered the subway system! It was a month that I will remember for the rest of my life.

August  | I visited D in Hawaii! I had never been and it was so fun for her to take me all over the Island! We had a blast and I wasn’t ready to leave. We knew we probably wouldn’t see each other for a while because of school and all so it was so hard to say goodbye! But we never say goodbye, only see you later! 

September | I was finally moved in and settling into a new routine at school! Click here to seem more of my dorm room! 

October | Family weekend! I was so thankful my entire family could come and visit me over family weekend! We had a blast and I wish we had a family weekend every semester!

November | The fab 4 came and visited me at Furman! We had a blast and I loved being able to show off my campus to them :)

December | It’s beyond nice to be on break with no papers to write, studying, or meetings to get to. I’m finally getting around to things that have been on my to- do list forever and it feels sooo nice!

What were your big moments this year??

In 2014 remember,