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Senior Pictures!

All of a sudden you’re a senior. Without warning or anything, it’s thrust upon you when you least expect it. I know for me senior year came entirely too fast. We knew in advance that my senior year would get extremely hectic, just like every other school year really, but this year in particular I had a lot more on my plate. I had to worry about college applications, my demanding class load, scholarship applications, lacrosse, and all the other added stress that comes along with senior year. Because of all of this we scheduled my senior pictures the summer before to ensure that we would have time to fit them in.

Did I mention, summer in North Carolina can be excruciatingly hot? And of course the day my senior pictures rolled around it was painfully hot (over 100*F), which I might add, does not mix well with thick blonde hair.
Heat+ my hair = MAJOR FRIZZ.
Aka, "The Afro". So because of this my hair wasn’t exactly how I would have liked it but, overall I think they turned out pretty well.

Before my shoot came around I spent hours scouring the Internet to get ideas so I would know exactly what I wanted my pictures to look like. I thought uploading my senior pictures may give others some ideas for theirs!

Let me warn you, I tend turn extremely awkward the second a camera is pointed at me. I tense up and don’t have any idea where to place my hand, how to position my arms, or how I should tilt my head. I don’t see a model career in my future!

On that note, here are a few of my favorites!

This last one I did to please my mommy. She has always wanted a picture of me holding this picture that was taken at my preschool graduation. Knowing her I’ll probably end up posing with it on the day of graduation too!

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  1. oh my goodness your pictures are adorable!!
    i definitely get super awkward (more than usual) when i'm in front of the camera too - like what do i do with my hands!

    1. Awww thanks! Cameras definitely make me super uncomfotable but I'm super glad my senior pictures turned out! :)