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You Could Say it's an Obsession: Anchors

Anchors Away!
We have a running joke in one of my classes that for graduation the class is going to get together and buy me a sailor hat because I'm constantly sporting clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.  with anchors on it! It's comparable to where's waldo, minus the waldo, and with achors incorporated into my outfits instead.

 I don’t quite know if it’s physically possible to demonstrate my love for anchors in a blog post. I know recently anchors have become all the rage but, I just have to admit, that I did like them before everyone else became obsessed with them. Just call me trendsetter! I understand though, I mean they’re just so easy to fall in love with.

 I’m sure as time goes on you’ll learn I have many obsessions and anchors are just the beginning. 
There are tons ways you can go about adding a nautical touch to your outfit without going (no pun intended) overboard. Here are some of my favorite looks. Check out my OOTD’s to see how I incorporated anchors into my everyday looks.
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Honestly, the list goes on and on. I found so many things with cute little anchors on it from socks, to scarfs, to phone cases, and necklaces. And remember, a well-worn pair of Sperry’s is ALWAYS a great addition to any outfit with anchors on it! My collection of anchors just keeps growing and growing, and well, I'm not complaining. Bottom line: anchors are literally perfect for every season of the year!

Always remember,
 P.S. If I was bought a sailor hat, I think I’d want it to look something like this…

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