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How to wear bows without really wearing bows

I always seem to find myself standing in a dressing room, looking into the mirror, and thinking to myself; “this dress would even more perfect if only there were a bow”.  And it’s true. Everything looks better with a simple, sweet bow.


So in middle school and even 9th grade, I was the queen of bows. Literally, I had a problem. I was constantly dragging my mom everywhere looking for the perfect bow to complete an outfit. I was determined to have a bow in every color, shape, and size. There probably were only a handful of days I stepped onto the school bus without a bow in my hair. It was just my signature thing.

And this picture, well I think it's proof of my obsession: 

Once I started sophomore year, I started growing out of my bow phase. Not that I don’t still love a good bow, but now I’ve just figured out other ways to go about incorporating bows into my everyday outfits without feeling like a Christmas present.

I continue to add to my collection, but in a variety of ways. Here are some perfect examples how to go about wearing a bow, without really wearing a bow:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Right now,  Kate Spade is focusing on the things that they love this year and one of the things on their list is bows! I instantly fell in love with everything they’ve added this season that has a bow on it!
How do you go about adding bows without feeling like a present??





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  1. I love it, Shannon! And yes, I totally share your love of bows. ;) But I also love that there are multiple ways to incorporate "the grown up bow". Thanks for the fun post! :)