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In all honesty, choices terrify me.  I am SO indecisive, that I think it’s a problem. I could be standing in a dressing room for 45 minutes trying to decide if I really want to spend my money on a shirt. I like to analyze every situation in depth and weigh which option is really the best decision. Bottom line is pro/con lists are probably my best friend.

However, looking back I don’t really remember any huge, life altering decisions I’ve had to make. Although I’m sure I’ve made quite a few, none have really made a lasting imprint on me. Nothing comparable to the decision I’m making now.

I am now in over my head deciding on a college. Just writing that terrifies me. On a regular basis, I find myself lying in bed contemplating every detail of every school.  Sometimes I feel like it’s all I ever think about. On an hourly basis I feel like I am bombarded with some form of the same question “what college are you going to next year?”. It’s stressful to say the least.

In reality, I have no idea where the heck I’m going to end up. In some ways I can see myself at multiple schools. Everyone has always told me that you’ll get a so-called “feeling”. And from then on you’ll just know.  Similar to all the girls in the show “Say Yes To The Dress”.  When they slip into that perfect dress and they just know.


I never got this feeling. I have toured multiple schools(some schools multiple times) and still have yet to get this infamous feeling. So now I’m back to square one, right where I started. Where am I going to go to college?

I thought having choices would be fun. Comforting. Exciting. And don’t get me wrong, racking up acceptance letters is definitely exhilarating. But all these choices are going to leave me with an ulcer.

So the bottom line is, as fun as it can be having choices, it can also be stressful. Often times we strive to have so many choices, but in reality having so many choices can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Words truly cannot describe how thankful I will be when I have decided on a college. I know I will feel  the weight of the world removed and I may finally start to breathe.

I know wherever I end up I’ll be happy, but now it’s up to me to determine where that place will be. The military has always chosen where I will go next, so having this new found freedom is exciting and exhilarating!

With time, I know I’ll figure it out. But right now I’m still stuck with my trusty pro/con lists.

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