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Cute Cozy Conundrum

I’m not really one of those girls who can throw their hair up, slip on a pair of nike shorts, and run out the door. As much as I wish I could, it’s simply not me. I like dressing up for school, not necessarily to impress anyone, but just for myself.  As I’ve mentioned before in this post, dressing up instills confidence in me, and makes getting through a long school day a tad bit little easier.

Lately however, I’ve been exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I’m trying to balance school, 2+ hours of lacrosse everyday, and the dreaded homework load. More often than not, I find myself glancing at the clock and realizing it's 1 A.M.! Trying to squeeze in everything on the “to do” list can be extremely draining and the last thing I want to do when my alarm buzzes at 6am is to spend 20 minutes, (okay sometimes longer) picking out the perfect outfit.

These outfits below are my go to outfits. They are still super cute, but more importantly so comfortable for those day after all-nighters. 

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