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For Reminiscing...

Looking back at precious memories is probably one of my favorite past times. On a Saturday you can probably find me sitting on the floor thumbing through boxes of old black and white pictures my mom has tucked away. Facebook, twitter, instagram makes it so easy today to keep track of small moments.

I find myself on a daily basis scrolling through my camera roll on my phone looking back at pictures from days I wish I could go back to.  I will never know why or how these memories flash in front of our lives so quickly. Call me sentimental, but I almost become horderish(my mom's word, not mine) when it comes to getting rid of things that recap a special moment. I’m one of those people who keep every ticket stub and brochure from each and every trip. I have tried numerous times to start a journal, but time after time I can never seem to follow through with them. I have come up with some fresh, new ways to document your life before it slips through your fingers.


All of  these allow you to capture your favorite moments in 4 completely different ways.

A line a day | This is perfect for the busy student who has absolutely no time on their hands. You can jot down any line that comes to mind when reminiscing back on your chaotic day.
For all your doodles | I always find myself dooding on tests, worksheets, basically anything that’s around when I have a pencil in my hand. Keeping this adorable Kate Spade journal at hand at all times is the perfect size to jot down all those little doodles that randomly pop into your head.

Like the old times | Challenge yourself one week to use up an entire disposable camera and then get all the pictures printed. This is such a fun way to document all the funny, spontaneous moments that happen throughout the week!

Ticket Stubs Diary | Like I mentioned before, I am a true hoarder of anything resembling tickets. This is the perfect place to keep all those stubs instead of having them in various places around your room. 





  1. I love those Kate Spade notebooks, but they're so expensive! I love little journals but I just don't think I can justify that kind of buy, you know?

    I too am really obsessed with the idea of journaling but can never keep up with it. These ideas are all super cute alternatives!

    xoxo, Kristina