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Good Luck

You might ask how I spent my St. Patty’s day? In the sprit of the Irish, I ate a green Brueggers bagel and painted my nails mint green. No one was going to pinch me because I wasn’t wearing green.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself superstitious, more like a firm believer of luck. I get petrified of any kind of change, because I have subconsciously convinced myself that without something superficial  I will be cursed with bad luck. Recently, I was forced to make a change. Penny is the name of my sacred lacrosse stick (yes, I named her) and I have used her in every game and every practice since my freshmen year. As a result, she’s looking a little rough to say the least. Last year however, my Dad was gracious enough to buy me the newest version of Penny. Penny the Second sat in my trunk all year and I refused to play with her for fear the universe would turn on me. Change, simply put scares me! Change could alter karma and I don't want to interfere with karma. I know in reality that my insanity seems a bit over the edge.  Well last week, my friend gave me a much-needed push and promptly locked Penny in her car forcing me to debut Penny II. 

I learned that maybe I shouldn’t be so scared of change. And instead, I should just embrace it! Don’t get me wrong, I still am a firm believer in good luck. And in the sprit of St. Patty’s day here are some of my favorite ways of incorporating good luck!

I remember when it used to be a huge deal when you found a penny (head’s up of course) laying on the ground. I mean you might as well have given me a million dollars. The excitement it brought me was like nothing else. I admit though that today I still get a small rush of excitement finding a penny on the ground. And instead of overlooking a penny that’s tails up, I always flip it over and leave it there to hopefully brighten someone else's day.


"Luck lands on you in the version of ladybugs". So true!


If you have never made a wish on a shooting star please run and grab a pen and add that to your summer bucket list now.


I believe that adding a shiny new penny to your trusty loafers can only put a little pep in your step and bring you some luck along the way. Oh and these are by far my favorite penny loafers on earth!


Here in the H house we have a $2 bill in every car we own. In some ways it has started a tradition in our house and brought us good luck.

What are your good luck charms? Do they seem to work? 

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Never forget, 



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