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Spring Sneakers

As much as I’d like to think that my life will slow down with the arrival of spring and the start of summer, I know that in reality, it won’t. My visions of free-time and couch lounging are simply a dream. My summer schedule is already bursting with activity and my planner once again served as a wake up call. Frankly, seeing it all in writing kind of scares me. I know summer will be over with the wink of an eye and I simply don’t want to blink. Spring, however is the best excuse to kick back and relax in a pair of great sneakers. These snappy sneaks will become a spring/ summer staple for me.

Keds have been around for forever, I even remember wearing Keds when I was I was just a little tot! These Keds are truly perfect for all your spring and summer outings and are the perfect spin on the original Keds. The bright, bold patterns (let’s be honest) make the shoe and fun is sure to follow.

In all honestly, I am head over heels in love with all of the above pairs. Currently, I own a pair of pink vans I bought back in my freshie days. I love my pink vans but they needed a bit of a face lift this year after three years of wear and tear. A really cute way to add a spin on a typical shoe is to replace the shoelaces with ribbon! Here’s how mine turned out. 

I used gold ribbon and they ended up adorable! Tip: Burn the end of the ribbon so it doesn't fray easily.

What are your go to summer shoes? 




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