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The Best Accessory

I am a true testament that retail therapy can be beneficial to one's health. No matter how many times my mom has cautioned that money can't buy you happiness, I have always disagreed.  Real happiness, she says comes from things you can’t pick out in a store. Things that are intangible and priceless.  Although, I always wrote it off as nonsense as I envisioned a new cashmere sweater. Lately, however, I have experienced a change of heart and have started to wonder if perhaps she knows a secret. 

It's the moment when you slip your foot into a perfect pink heel, (or for me ballet flat) and you get that warm feeling inside of pure bliss. Or, when your heart absolutely melts when you catch a glimpse of the most perfect dress. I know this feeling all too well. For a while, I mistook this feeling for true happiness.

But what I’ve recently discovered is that I was….wrong.

Yupp, you heard me, I said it.

It’s not the clothes that were making me feel happy, it’s the confidence that those clothes give me that makes me feel happy. This confidence is something that allows me to walk into school every day with my head held high, knowing that a good day is ahead of me. It allows me to persevere through hard situations and allows me to develop into a whole person.

I think this quote really exemplifies the purpose of this post. With confidence, going into any situation makes it better. If you have confidence to make it a great day, I guarantee it’s going to be a better day.

That’s why I think it’s so essential to wear whatever makes you feel whole. You should feel comfortable and feel like you can make a difference in whatever you do. You should be able to strut down the red carpet (or hallway) knowing that you have the power to achieve every single one of your dreams.  When I start a day off not feeling comfortable in my own skin, it’s hard to find the motivation to keep trying. So, when picking out your clothes in the morning, wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and more importantly confident.

So think about this, maybe it’s not the clothes that truly make you happy, maybe it’s the confidence and poise the clothes instill in you that gives you the real sense of happiness. It is true after all that we cannot be defined or limited by an outfit, but by our actions. 

Always Remember, 



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  1. I LOVE this post! everything about it is perfect, and of course i can relate to it;) (seriously, when were we separated)