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Act like Saturday, Dress like Sunday

“I believe playing dress up begins at age four and never truly ends” -Kate Spade

It’s no secret that I love dressing up, and with the approaching warm weather it just makes it that much simpler. There’s nothing like slipping on some Jacks and a Lilly shift to start your day. During the spring and summer months there’s no longer a need for tights (as much as I love them), closed toe shoes, or a cardigan. All the hassle and all the layers have gone into hibernation! 

Looking nice for school just got 10X easier. All the stores have recently released their spring lines which include a plethora of fun, flirty, spring dresses. Goodbye paycheck.

Here are some of my current favorites: 

Truly,  how can you not love all these dresses? Definitely a warm weather must. 

Are you loving all the spring lines as much as me?

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