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Big Girl Dress

About two weeks ago I ventured into my little heaven, AKA J.Crew,  and spotted this dress out of the corner of my eye. Instantly, I feel in love. I begged and begged my mom to buy it for me and after about 20 minutes of convincing her that I absolutely needed this dress to survive, she agreed she would buy it for me as a birthday gift (Score!).  It looks a little different on me than it does on the model but the shape of it reminds me of the Nordstrom Taylor dresses. It’s perfect for a business setting or completely casual. I love that it's dressy enough where I can throw a blazer over it or dress it down by wearing a jean jacket or a cardigan. I envision myself pairing it with this black bow belt and these adorable boots! 

What do you like? Are you as in love as I am?

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