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Dream a little bigger, darling

In the wise words of gossip girl, “We all have dreams; some good, some bad. Some fun and freudian and some are the dreams we’ve had our whole lives.”

So after really taking the time to think about it, I can’t think of any particular dream I’ve had my entire life. Minus the one every girl has and that is to find a man like Chace Crawford and have a love story like the notebook. But other than that, nope, I can’t seem to think of one.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing and not necessarily a bad thing.  I just don’t think I truly figured what I wanted to do with my life until recently. Now this isn’t to say I didn’t have dreams until my senior year of high school! I just think that right now I finally have dreams that extend beyond the 4 years of college.

These dreams I have now are exciting, and overwhelming, and make me so excited for the future! And that’s what all dreams should have the power of doing! I recommend that at any age you should write your dreams down. Give yourself something to work towards and something to be excited about.

I think something I assumed as probably a freshmen or sophomore and I guess even junior that I had to wait to live these dreams. I just assumed that I couldn’t start on them until after I graduated college and had a diploma in hand.

Wrong, Completely wrong.

It’s NEVER too early to start working towards your dreams. Whether it’s a career goal or personal goal, start today! No need to waste time until you have a diploma in hand (in my case). Make opportunities happen!

Write down your dreams. Don’t limit yourself. You only have one life and you must live it to the fullest! Spend more time focusing on your dreams rather than the nightmares.

Live your dreams!

And never forget,



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