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Fabulous Friday Find #1

I thought I’d start a new segment called Fabulous Friday Finds! I’m never the girl who has good luck with sales or the one who can hunt down the best bargain in town. So I thought it would be fun to force myself to find bargains of something I love each week.

I recently found this cheap little bracelet at you’ll never guess where…..Claire’s! Yes, the shop you used to shop at when you were in 5th grade and the very same place you begged your mom to take you to get your ears pierced. The bracelet was a great price and I simply could not resist the gold color and the little bow. I wore it to school the next day and had three people comment asking if it was Kate Spade! I was shocked! Bottom line: I think you need to venture into Claire’s and treat yourself to a new bracelet.

Buy it here!

This is what it looked like when I wore it! It is a great addition and matches my watch so perfectly! 




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