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High School Friendships

I started 8th grade as the new kid. Surprise, right? But I was lucky enough that by the end of 8th grade I had a very close group of 6 girls. We we’re inseparable and best friends. Fast forward to junior year and every. Single. One. of us were living in different states.

Hawaii, Nebraska, South Carolina, Virgina, Florida, and me, in North Carolina.

I consider living as a military child a blessing in disguise. I don’t think I really realized how different of a life I lived until I was taken out of a military community. Can you say culture shock?

I was so extremely comfortable and happy at my old school. I had incredible friends that I will probably be friends with forever. And being ripped away from them after just three years was not fun at all to say the least. But that’s where the blessing part comes in. Just because I moved away from all those friends doesn’t mean we changed, it just means the distance between us did. Not only am lucky enough to have my amazing friends from freshmen and sophomore year but now I have the opportunity to make new lifetime friends here. As much as I’ve moved you’d think I would be pro at making friends but in reality…I’m really just okay at it. I’m awkward and shy if I don’t know you well. Making more friends is one of my new year’s resolutions though! I’m working on being more outgoing and open to new things.

High School friendships are truly the best. You get to experience all your silly firsts and learn how to deal with those jerky high school boys together. You grow so much with your friends over four years (or in my case 2) and watch your friendship ignite into something so much bigger. I know that wherever I go to college and no matter the distance between my high school friends and me, we will always be able to count on each other. 

My friend tweeted this quote the other day and I truly love it. Don’t get me wrong high school is a great time to have relationships, but I also think you have the rest of your life for that! I think friendships are something that are truly irreplaceable. I met some of my best friends in high school and it’s so comforting to know I will always have them to turn to in every situation. We got to see each other grow out of our awkward stage and become the people are today. I truly value my friendships and hope I’m able to keep in touch with these girls until we’re little old ladies swinging on our little pink rocking chairs.

Take time and appreciate every moment you spend with your high school friends! They truly are friendships that can last forever!

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  1. I completely understand the military kid problems. Luckily when I moved in 8th grade I stayed in NC for all of high school & college. I will say that I am still close with some of my high school friends even after going to various colleges but it is really hard.

    1. I completely agree! It's so hard to keep in touch when you have moved so far away!