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A Preppy Prom

Anyone who has any kind of social media network is probably well aware that it’s prom season. And now since there are so many social media platforms I feel like it’s just another way to be bombarded with pictures. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and most recently Vine, it often feels like there is no escape form the multitude of prom pics. 

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram (you probably should do that now) (Account) then you wouldn’t be aware, but this weekend was my senior prom! Get ready to be bombarded with pictures here as well.

So,  let’s talk dresses. When you think of prom dresses the first words that might pop into your head could be (but not limited too) bedazzled, cutouts, and low cut. Bottom line is none of those words describe my style one bit. My mom and I searched probably every prom dress shop in Raleigh and then examined every online dress store. I truly did not know what to do. I talked about in a past post that the reason I love clothes so much is the way they make me feel. Well these dresses were not making me feel anything like how I wanted to feel at prom.

So when my family was down in Hilton Head visiting family we ventured into the Lilly store and I fell in love with this dress.

Dress | Bracelet | Shoes | Ring (similar) | Clutch (similar)

I knew it wasn’t the cliche “prom” dress but at that point I didn’t even care! It’s my senior prom and I should wear what I feel most confident and comfortable in. I think my prom dress fits me and my personality and I’m so glad I didn’t give in and not wear something I love just because everyone else might not be.

The two girls in Lilly!

Confession: This a completely staged pictures. Due to some difficulties my mom actually clipped it on.

My date wore a light pink seersucker bow tie to match the pink seersucker bow on my dress!

My good friend Zach is really into photography and snapped this cool picture!

My accessories!

The full group!

The lacrosse team girls and our coach in the middle!

My lacrosse buddy! We were co-captains last year!

My good friend Zach! I thought this was a cute candid picture!

Now onto actual prom. Well long story very short, it didn’t exactly end up how I imagined it would. I had a blast with great friends and I couldn’t be more blessed to have them in my life. It was so much fun getting all dolled up (even with all the stress that comes along with it) and loading my hair with I swear was pounds of hairspray and bobby pins. Typical prom SHANNONigans (HA! Get it?) .

Actual prom was a night I’ll definitely remember to say the least. I've never exactly been the best at exposing my emotions. I tend to keep them all bundled up inside. It's a bad habit. So if you really would like an insight to my night this Taylor Swift song is kinda extremely weirdly relevant to my experience at prom. I swear there is a Taylor Swift song for everything, but this one in particular really hits home for me.

Back to the fun stuff though: I highly encourage everyone to go to his or her senior prom. It’s such a pivotal memory for seniors especially. Kinda like your last hoorah before you graduate. So weird to think it was my last school dance. 

What did you wear to prom? 





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  2. I'm off to prom in just over a month! We only get one prom in schools in England, with most schools hosting their proms when we're sixteen. My school has made us wait until we're eighteen for prom so I'm ridiculously excited!!!

    Amy @ British Prep