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Dear Class of 2017,

With only 8 days of my high school career left I thought it would be a good idea to take everything I’ve learned in the past 4 years and share it with all the incoming freshmen. It’s such a bittersweet time right now; I’m ecstatic to start this new phase in my life but at the same time a little nervous/sad/ scared to see this phase coming to an end. With that I thought I would post a picture of me from freshmen year, prepare yourselves. 

This was on the last day of my freshmen year. Please note the massive pink bow and the Holister shirt. We were all best friends and had 4 lockers in a row (it was really movie like) and we would chat/ gossip at our lockers in between classes. Oh, the days. Weird to think it was almost 4 years ago. 

Dear Class of 2017,

            As I sit here and write this, I can see my white graduation dress hanging and patiently waiting for my day to walk across the stage. I remember this familiar feeling 4 short (very short) years ago I reminisce the day my mom and I spent an entire day strolling through the mall looking for the perfect 8th grade graduation dress. It’s funny how we’re practically back at the starting line with the same nerves, but luckily this time I’ve lost the braces and I’d say I have better fashion sense as well (thank goodness!). And I’d like to think I’m a little wiser too. I can remember those first days of freshmen year like it was just last week.  Debating which table or bench to sit at that would make us look the coolest and trying to master my new schedule and the school floor plan. Even trickier was trying to learn the ever-changing bell schedule. All the memories are rushing back, almost as fast as I walk between classes still trying to beat the bell.
So I write this to you in hopes that you’ll take advice from someone who has practically mastered the road you’re about to travel down. I’d suggest traveling down this road in style, preferably a pale pink bug. Anyways, high school is tricky, not gonna lie. It’s full of friday night football games, firsts loves, and first heartbreaks. And along the way you just might happen to discover who you really are and who you want to be.

Don’t just take advantage of every minute but cherish the moments. These 4 years go by faster than Dorothy can click her glittery red shoes together. Study and work harder than you have every worked before, (at least until 2nd semester of senior year) but allow time for yourself to have fun. That’s important. As important as the grades are, the memories are what are going to last your lifetime. Take the time to make memoires. Get out of your comfort zone. Try clubs, introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met, sit at a different lunch table. This is your time to be adventurous, you’re young and it's okay to stretch the rules!

One of the most common mistakes is to never wish it away. Graduation day is going to come faster than you could imagine and just because you have a terrible teacher or there is stupid rumor going around, trust me when I say it will all pass. You’ll get a new teacher and the rumor will fade.  

These are four years you will never get to relive. Might as well live them to the fullest, right? So get involved! Run for class president! Lead your team to victory! Win homecoming queen! You only get one time and starting this fall, it will be your time! My time, well it’s done, my four years have passed and once I turn my tassel in 27 days I must live with how I spent my four years. Live for the triumphs and learn from your tribulations. Make lifelong friends and lifetime memories.

LIVE IT UP! High school will be whatever you make it. So make it 4 years worth remembering.

With love,
            The Class of 2013

Always keep in mind, 




  1. Shannon! This post is amazing! (I think I say that on every single one of your posts) But seriously - it is. I'm not even graduating this year (or next) but this letter gave me chills and tears to my eyes. That's probably ridiculous and lame but it's the truth. Please make sure you give this to an upcoming freshman that you know, I would love to have read this before starting high school!

    1. Well thanks Chloe! It's such a bittersweet time right now with high school ending so I'm so glad it touched you! Hopefully at least a few incoming freshmen will learn from it!