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So, two Sundays ago we had our baccalaureate ceremony. Baccalaureate is basically a blessing of the seniors before they enter the next step in their lives. Because I go to a public high school, my school is not allowed to be associated with any kind of religious ceremony. So, baccalaureate serves as that religious aspect during all the graduation events. It was held in a small church and was really intimate and special. Not all the seniors participated, (considering we have 600) but a good amount did. It almost served as a practice run for the real graduation day (this Thursday).  We all wore our caps and gowns, which by the way, I did not realize how unflattering a cap and gown was until I looked in the mirror.

I wore this floral Lilly Pulitzer scalloped shift dress that my mom and I got on sale a few weeks ago at the Lilly store. I had to get it altered a bit but it ended up being perfect for the ceremony and ideal for transitioning right into my graduation party after. My absolute favorite part of the dress was the bow detail (go figure) on the back of the dress.

So now to the fun part, the pictures! I’m glad I had this sorta test run with my cap and gown before actual graduation, because now I know exactly how I want my hair, cap, and shoes to look on the big day!

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I quickly traded my cap for this adorable sun hat because I was overly excited that the bow on it matched the print on my dress. 

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