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Best friends are like a good set of pearls

Best friends are like a good set of pearls; an essential for every girl, something that never goes out of style, and will forever lie close to your heart.

I think best friends were put on this earth just like soul mates.  Personally I don’t think I could have made it through high school without mine (well at least stay sane through the process).  A best friend doesn’t have to be someone you’ve known since you were two years old and have experienced everything together. In my case D and I didn’t even meet until 8th grade. I was new to the school and was the weird brace face girl who was obsessed with pink and bows.

This is D and I on the last day of freshmen year.

Ironically on the first day of 8th grade D decided it would be a wise decision so hide behind the small blonde girl who was probably a foot shorter than her in the dodge ball game.  While dodging rock hard kick balls that the boys were using as makeshift dodge balls our relationship blossomed.

The next three years we were practically inseparable.  There was never a place D was that I wasn’t. We were two peeds in a pod. Our relationship was tested after sophomore year I moved 2 and half hours away.  However, nothing really changed. We made frequent weekend trips to see each other and still talked everyday. Our friendship was once again put to the test when D was up to move. But this time was different. We no longer would live just a short car ride away, we now would live multiple airplane rides away. She was all the way in Hawaii. Surprisingly nothing changed again. If anything our friendship just got stronger and we learned more about one another. We still talked everyday and continued to send pictures of our outfits to each other every morning despite the 6 hour time difference. 

I know with college on the horizon for both of us, this will just be another test. I have full confidence that we will continue to talk everyday even though we will both be starting new lives on opposite sides of the county. We couldn’t be more different and I think that’s why we get along so well. (Opposites attract, right?)

Well last Friday D flew in, (we hadn’t seen each other in 11 months!!) and I was overwhelmed with excitement (hence the lack of blog posts.) I am so lucky that she will be here to support me as I graduate and I am beyond excited to come visit her at the end of the summer back in Hawaii!

I truly believe every girl needs a best friend. Someone they can tell anything to without feeling judged. Someone they can vent to in times of stress. Someone they can go from crying one minute to laughing hysterically in 30 seconds. Someone who can stand next to you and listen to you tell the same story over and over again. Someone you can quadruple text and not feel awkward. Someone you can never get sick of no matter how many hours you spend with them.

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So go out there and find yourself a good set a of pearls. They’ll be more useful than you could ever imagine. 

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P.S. Check out the new photos I added on my OOTD page! (playing catch-up) 


  1. This past weekend I went to visit my friend from florida who was graduating! she and i were inseparable throughout middle school, and hadn't seen each other since my 8th grade year. that being said, when i went to visit her it was like we had never been apart! she's my best best best friend and your post described exactly what a girls best friend should be! I'm so glad you got to see D!!!!

    1. I'm so glad you guys were able to pick up right where you guys left off! It's so much fun to be reunited and catch-up! So funny how we were both meeting up with them at the same time!