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Graduation Announcements & Invitations

It’s finally Here! This is the week of graduation and I honestly am in sheer unbelief that this week has finally come. I am filled with nerves (mostly because I have to give a speech!) and utter excitement. In honor of graduation on Thursday I thought I would dedicate this entire week of blog posts to graduation and everything that comes along with graduation. 

So on today’s menu are graduation announcements and graduation party inviations! So let me first warn you. I could be what you call a perfectionist and I have a tendency to like to do things my own way. I like to stick out from the crowd and be original, not a bad thing right?

So first for my graduation announcements. I wanted something out of the ordinary and something that showed who I am. Instead of going with the traditional school announcements I found Krysta through her Esty shop, KM Thomas designs. I purchased the CUSTOM DESIGN photo announcement or invitation for only $20.00! She was so easy and great to work with and designed me a fabulous, one of a kind, announcement. She let me make any changes I want and then printed them on card stock and supplied me with envelopes! I highly suggest that if you want something custom to definitely look into her!

Here’s a picture of my finished announcement:
Lilly, Anchors, and navy and pink?! Could it scream any more preppy?

I then went to our local staples and purchased the Avery circle labels (which are so easy to use!) and went online to their website and used their template on their website and printed these stickers at home to seal my envelope!

 Adorable right?!

If I remember right I think I got the 2 ½ inch circles!

Then my mom and I got to stuffing and sealing and put them in the mailbox! All 75 ready to be shipped!

Now for my graduation party invites. 

My grad party theme was Lilly/ southern traditional so I wanted to stick with that theme for my invitations. I found these adorable Lilly Pulitzer shift dress cards on this website and figured these would make the perfect invitation! They came in all different patterns and got so many compliments on them.

They came in these cute boxes! 

They came in a variety of patterns!

Inside I printed out pieces of card stock I made with all the information and used double sided tape to seal it inside (sorry I had to blur out my address!)

I finished them off with the same sticker except a little smaller in size.

I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration about how you want your grad announcements and invitations when the time comes! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Your announcements are super adorable! I love the idea of printing monogrammed stickers to seal the envelopes - genius!

    1. Thanks! It's so easy and it makes the envelope really stand out! :)

  2. Your announcements are soooo cute! I'm in love with those stickers, it's such a neat and different idea!


    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad I went with something different and not the traditional announcement! :)