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Graduation Reflection

So it has officially been 48 hours since graduation (well, by the time this post goes up it will have been even longer!). It’s beyond weird to think that I’m now an alumni instead of a student. I certainty don’t feel like I can be old enough to be a high school graduate. In fact, the Lilly Pulitzer employee agrees with me.

After my graduation ceremony, my whole family went out to a yummy lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in the mall. And you know it’s not possible to go into the mall without stepping foot into Lilly. While paying for my new skirt that I was treating myself to, the Lily employee asked what the occasion was. I explained to her how I had just came from graduation. And her response?

“Oh did you graduate from middle school?”

Low blow. Anyways, back on topic, all in all graduation was surreal. My nerves were out of this world and I was certain my heart was beating so fast it was going to explode. No words can describe how honored I was that I got offered to speak at graduation. I never would have imagined that I would ever get the opportunity out of 600 graduates, especially since I only spent two years here, to give a speech. All of the stress and practice (I quite possibly practiced it every night before I went to bed) that came with the speech was completely worth it when I went up and nailed the speech in front of over 3,000 people.

Taking a seat after speaking I practically felt angels lifting the pounds of stress away. It was like it was finally summer and I could just enjoy my time off. I could finally breathe. It was an incredible feeling.

The last few days have been spent grad party hopping and visiting with all my family in town. Today alone I had 7 graduation parties! I feel like it's never ending events!

Here a a little sneak peak of graduation. A few my brother took and the rest my cousin who is an awesome photographer took! Check out his site!

We took these first 6 a few days before graduation because we knew how hectic it would get on actual graduation day with all my family in town and all. 

Walking out of our football stadium!

I made the newspaper! 

On the big screen!

The bros!

Yes, we wore the same dress but in different colors. 

My cousin and I, both in our gowns!

Enjoy high school while you're there! It's such a special time in your life and those 4 short years go faster than you can ever imagine. 

But remember one thing during those 4 years, 




  1. CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! I still have a hard time thinking I have graduated college. It takes a bit but enjoy this summer and all the excitement of planning your dorm, the next four years will fly by!

  2. CONGRATS!! I knew all along that you would nail your speech :)
    You looked absolutely stunning!