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Little girl at heart

I think I may have discovered why people often mistake me for a 12 year old (story here). I think it could be because I commonly shop in the kids departments of stores. Yes, you read that right. Since summer has officially begun its been extremely hard to motivate myself to get dressed in real clothes.

Summer: the number 1 productivity killer

I have found that sundresses are my easiest option. I can easily slip on a summer dress, accessorize with a necklace and a simple crossbody and head out. Little girl’s dresses are great one seasons buys and not to mention they don’t break the bank!

I’d say the best places to look, that I’ve had the most success with is Target, Old Navy, Gap, and Crew Cuts (J.Crew). I usually ending up going with the XL or the 14-16 size.

The little girls section always tends to be more colorful and I think that’s what attracts my eye so much.  It also helps me justify my purchase when the dress is usually only around $14!

I guess I’ll always be just a little girl at heart.

Do you ever purchase anything from the kids department?




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