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The Graduation Dress

The day is here. I am finally graduating high school! Just imagine the chaos taking place in my house right now. It seems crazy to think that just 4 short years ago I was only dreaming of this day and it has finally rolled around. I have millions of butterflies in my stomach (mostly because I'm giving a speech) and also just anticipating my new adventure ahead of me.

If you haven’t got by now that I am absolutely obsessed with clothes, then let me share fact #223 about me. I am 100% obsessed with clothes. Any given time you can open my computer to 5+ tabs open of clothes I'm wishing for. Clothes and me go together like Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer. They simply cannot be separated no matter how hard you try. They will always look perfect together.

Well same goes for me and clothers.

Due to my obsession, I knew I had to have the perfect graduation dress.  When I started this hunt for this dress that only thing I knew is that I wanted it to be white and I had a feeling I wanted a Lilly. This is the like wedding for teens. It’s one (if not the) biggest moment up till now that has happened to me. So of course I need a flawless dress to match the occasion.

I have a family friend that works at the Lilly store in Raleigh so she ensured me that as soon as they got their white dress line in I would be the first to know! So after scouring the website I had it narrowed down to these two lilly dresses.

I originally thought I wanted a dress with straps just because I thought it would be more practical but I ended up going with the strapless just because I liked the fit better and I could not get over the little pearl detail on the dress. 

Last summer I spend two weeks in NYC at a leadership conference and while I was there I ventured into Kate Spade and bought myself this gold bow belt. I knew right away I would keep it for graduation and I would have to find a dress that would work with my belt. Luckily the Payton dress looks absolutely adorable with the gold belt. I can't wait to post all about graduation tomorrow and be ready for a million pictures! 

Stay tuned!



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