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Hold the phone

As much as I don’t like change, I constantly have to change my iphone case. My phone is the one thing I have with me 24/7 so cases get old very quickly. I have been searching up and down for a new phone case and these are my top picks. PLEASE help. I am probably the most indecisive girl in the whole wide world.

Anchors | So basically this case is perfect. The anchors. The navy. My two favorite things put together. I mean seriously could a phone get any cuter?

Gingham | For some strange reason I have been on gingham craze lately. I think it so adorable and just screams summer! Plus it has a monogram, which is just the icing on top of the vanilla cake (not a chocolate fan).

Pink Paisley | Tory Burch is big in the city. Everywhere I look someone is wearing a pair a revas. I bought a pair of Tory wedges a few days ago and now I can’t stop dreaming about this phone case! Tell me I need this!

 She dreams in perfect French | I’ve been to Paris twice and every time it takes my breath away. The quaint city streets and the whimsical boutiques are just so irresitsable. This phone case is like a little piece of Paris and the big bow is just another sign that this was made for me.

$$$ | I have a secret love for all Kate Spade quotes. Whether it’s the tiny quotes engraved on a bracelet or this one on a phone case. I think they are so fun and original. However, I think the only thing that would make this phone case better is if it was pink!

Lilly does it again | I’ve had a multiple Lilly phone cases before and every single time the pattern would start to peel off. Well, I was flooded with excitement when I found out that the new material would prevent the peeling. And seriously, could the pink and green get any preppier?




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