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I’ve always loved the fourth of July.

Ever since I was a little, little girl.  

I love the picnics, the fireworks, and celebrating our country’s independence. I think it’s so important that during this holiday we take time to consider just how lucky we are to live in such an amazing country.

I am extremely thankful I get to experience all the wonderful opportunities that this great country offers me everyday.  Every year this holiday serves as a reminder of the pivotal role our military serves in our everyday lives (especially mine).

I am beyond grateful for everything the United States Military has given me. Not only my freedom, but my way of life. They have truly shaped me into the person I am today. Living as a military brat has shaped me in more ways I could ever imagine. The military way of life has granted me opportunities that I know I never would have benefitted from if my dad wasn’t in the Marine Corps. I am considered a dependent of my dad, in military terms, but in reality, this way of life has only made me fiercely independent. It has taught me the true meaning of what it means to serve your county, the significance of a community, and has provided me with lifelong memories and friends.

I don’t think any civilian will ever be able to understand this way of life without experiencing it yourself. I’ve had to go through birthdays, holidays, award ceremonies, and lacrosse games without my dad standing on the sidelines cheering for me. However, I grew up not knowing any different. All this was normal for me. It was normal for me to write daily emails to him telling him how my day was and skyping him every weekend. I was always surrounded by kids my age on base going through the exact same thing. At my school, there was never a need to ask what anyone’s dad did because it was just known. We were all there to offer support during those long days and we were all there to celebrate the good ones.

My childhood was filled with neighbors who weren’t just friends, but heroes.
Being a military kid requires significant sacrifice, but the call of duty is a privilege I have come to treasure. I’m not sure I will ever become accustomed to the civilian way of life; I will always assume thunder is just artillery and will forever think it’s strange to call a commissary a grocery store. Being unique has always been important to me, and I have always gone to great lengths to set myself apart. Ironically, being a military kid has not only made me unique, it has made me stronger.

I thought this post was appropriate on this day. Take time today to celebrate your country and everything that flag represents.
Don't forget!



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