Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Friday: Greenville, SC | My New Home!

Finally arrived!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School!

Since I’m starting a new chapter in my life at a new school, with all new people, in a whole different state,  I decided I needed some new and more sophisticaed school supplies. I am a college student now, ya know?!

However, apparently my appearance does not reflect the age I feel on the inside.

Side Story: I was in The Lilly Store after my graduation ceremony for a spontaneous shopping trip to spend some gifted graduation money with my childhood friend. I was still dressed in my graduation dress and while I was checking out, the cashier said sweetly “I love your dress! What’s the occasion?” I answered and explained to her that I had just come from my graduation ceremony. She replied and exclaimed “Oh really?! What middle school did you graduate from?”


Back to my new and more sophisticated school supplies. This year, instead of the new Lilly planners I decided to try something different and ordered a snappy Kate Spade one! Year of change right?! 

 Check out the rest of Kate Spade’s planner’s here!

 Now for the whole backpack situation. For the last 4 years, I have been alternating between two Jansport backpacks that have held up amazingly well! This year, I headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up a plain black North Face (I know what you’re thinking, plain black?!). I then took it over to my monogrammer and begged her have it done before I left for school. I got the idea from my good friend Kelsey, who always has the most adorable clothes and school supplies!

And Ta-Da! Here is how it turned out! I love the simplicity and the best part is that it has a laptop sleeve inside to protect your computer!

Backpack- In stores only (Dick's Sporting Goods)

I really love it so far and highly recommend getting a North Face. They have great back support, perfect for heavy text books! 

No one better second guess me for a middle schooler with these new school supplies! 




Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Smart Girls Group Blog Post!

Senior in high school?

Want to have an amazing senior year?

Be sure to check out my post from Friday on the The Smart Girls Group Blog, The loop! 

Like always,



Monday, August 26, 2013

2 Preps & a Dorm Room

After all summer of planning, list-making, and ENDLESS trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, I am happy to announce I am finally moved in! I have a tendency to get visions in my head and go to all ends to make those visions a reality. Well my vision has finally come truly! In the beginning of summer, moving into my dorm room literally seemed so far away. Years even.  My mom basically had to force me to order my bedding in June because I assumed I would have so much time later in the summer. I was clearly wrong and am so thankful I got a head start. I highly suggest starting early like I did! Over the summer and in-between NYC and Hawaii my mom and I would gather things to add to my massive pile. We had a growing pile sitting in my bonus room just waiting to be piled into the car!

After a long day of moving in on Friday and 6 people shoved into a teeny tiny dorm room, 2 preppy girls are happily moved in and are settling into their new home at Furman University!

So now for the big reveal…..

Via Instagram (you should go ahead and follow me now)


Stay tuned for a post next week on some of the other dorm room crafts I made before I came such as my ottoman, my bed shelf, and my shower curtain!

Comment on this post if you have any question about where anything is from and I'll be sure to reply!

Check out my post about how to make the adorable Lilly Letters that are hung in my room!




Saturday, August 24, 2013


So I moved into college yesterday! It was all so unreal; it still doesn’t feel like I’m really in college. I just keeping thinking that I’m just going to camp and that my parents will be back in just a few weeks to come get me….except this time they won’t. Furman is my new home now.

Totally change of topic now, as I was moving in, I realized just how much stuff I have monogrammed in my room. From my sheets, to my towels, to my laptop, to my shower curtain that hangs over my closet (pictures to be posted Monday)! It’s all monogrammed. A little over the top? Maybe. But it’s me! A simple monogram adds so much and makes it uniquely yours!

My monogrammed nickname “State Highway Patrol” because my monogram is SHP. Hehehe.

After my parents left (*tears*) my roommate and I had a little free time before all the orientation fun started so I went to go turn on some music on YouTube and this was the ad! Instead of skipping over it after 3 seconds, you can bet I watched the whole video!

If you’re not a monogramholic right now, this video might turn you into one!

P.S. In LOVE with the idea of monograming something with not necessarily your initials! Now I want an oxford monogrammed “DBD”, Dream Big Dreams.

Too cute, right?!





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