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#FDOSO aka First Day of School Outfits!

Start off the school year by feeling confident in the perfect first day outfit!

The first day of school outfit speaks volumes. There are always those girls who finish one school year wearing colorful dresses and bows and return wearing head to toe black. I always wonder what kind of summer they had.

For as long as I can remember I always find myself picking out what I'm going to wear on the first day days before! You want to make a statement and be noticed, right?! D and I always spent hours on the phone the night before perfecting our accessories and getting each other’s opinions. #thankgoodnessforpictutemail

By the time I finally have the perfect balence of summer and fal,l I can assure you my whole closet is laying on my bed with all my shoes scattered all over the floor.

Bottom line: you girls out there with uniforms, consider yourself lucky.

So I have created the perfect FDO to avoid you from having spending hours sorting through your closet.

During that first day back to school, remember,




  1. love these outfits! especially the first one!

    1. Thanks! They're perfect cause they aren't too dressy, yet nice enough to look put together!