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So I moved into college yesterday! It was all so unreal; it still doesn’t feel like I’m really in college. I just keeping thinking that I’m just going to camp and that my parents will be back in just a few weeks to come get me….except this time they won’t. Furman is my new home now.

Totally change of topic now, as I was moving in, I realized just how much stuff I have monogrammed in my room. From my sheets, to my towels, to my laptop, to my shower curtain that hangs over my closet (pictures to be posted Monday)! It’s all monogrammed. A little over the top? Maybe. But it’s me! A simple monogram adds so much and makes it uniquely yours!

My monogrammed nickname “State Highway Patrol” because my monogram is SHP. Hehehe.

After my parents left (*tears*) my roommate and I had a little free time before all the orientation fun started so I went to go turn on some music on YouTube and this was the ad! Instead of skipping over it after 3 seconds, you can bet I watched the whole video!

If you’re not a monogramholic right now, this video might turn you into one!

P.S. In LOVE with the idea of monograming something with not necessarily your initials! Now I want an oxford monogrammed “DBD”, Dream Big Dreams.

Too cute, right?!




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