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Recreating pinterest outfits

 When in doubt, go on Pinterest. You can almost bet that any free moment I have, whether it’s riding in an elevator, inbetween meetings I have at my internship, or laying in bed, there’s probably a good chance that I’m contemplating which board this particular pin would fit best on. It’s a challenge I tackle everyday.

Oh and I might be guilty of refreshing the feed right before I walk down into the subway so I have something to look through on the ride.

However, one of my biggest pet peeves is falling in love with a piece of clothing and then spending hours trying to find it on google. So I picked a few of my favorite pinterest outfits and found pieces similar to what’s shown in the picture! 

No need to go on a treasure hunt now for some of your favorite pieces. 

Skirt  | Shirt or this one  | Earrings | Watch | Flats 

Tank Top | Shorts (on sale!) | Jacks | Sunnies | Earrings | Bracelet (and this) | Belt | Wallet 

But remember,




  1. I made the first polyvore outfit!! The sleeveless polo is from Lacoste.

    1. It's so cute! I'm obsessed with the sailboat shots too!