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The 10 Most Forgotten Things When Packing for College

In honor of me moving in today (ahhhh!)  I thought I would provide you with 10 things that are easily forgotten, but essential for every college student!

I’m probably the first example of over packing for college. If you saw my college packing list I created (6 pages long and color-coded) you probably think I’m crazy. Somehow even with a six paged, very detailed packing list, it is still very easy to forget little things.

 I am here to help you not forget those things and saving your parents a trip to target on move in day!

1 | Full length Mirror- Take my word and get one before you get there. This is one of those conveniences that you don’t realize how much you love it until you don’t have it anymore. Flashback to my month in New York City this summer. I was staying in a dorm that lacked a full length mirror. My suitemate and I decided it was worth the money to spend, so we made the 11 block walk to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought ourselves a full length mirror and hauled that thing 11 blocks back to our dorm. Talk about the looks we got. Save yourself this hassle and buy a full length mirror before. I have to say though, we were the popular room because we were one of the only rooms with a full length mirror. Girls would flock to our room in the mornings before work to just take a quick peek at their outfit before hitting the city streets. 

2 | Umbrella- We can only wish that classes got cancelled when it rains, but unfortunately, they don’t. Not only don’t they cancel class, but your professor probably won’t allow the excuse of rain when you walk in tardy. Keep an umbrella in your dorm for those rainy days where you have to trek all the way across campus in the nasty weather. No one wants to sit in class soaking wet.

3 | Flash Drive- I use my flash drive so often I have it connected to my wallet. Bottom line: get a flash drive (or 2). You never know when your printer will stop working and you frantically have to get over to the library to print a paper!

4 | Dust Buster- As much as I don’t like to thing about it, dorm rooms get messy. I however am not to into this whole dirt thing. A dust buster will be so convenient when you quickly want to suck up crumbs (or hair in the bathroom)! 

5 | DVD’S- You may not have a lot of free time but when you do it’s nice to be able to chill out and watch your favorite movie. My friend recently moved into her dorm room and texted me and told me to ensure that I remember to bring movies! Not only are they good for you, but they are great (and easy) way to make new friends the first week. Turn on a chick flick and leave your door open and you’ll be surprised how many girls will end up lounging in your room!

6 | Air Fresheners – It’s nice to have a yummy smelling room. Simple as that.

7 | Batteries- You’ll be surprised how useful these are! Although not too many things run on batteries any more it’s nice to have them “just in case”.

8 | Duffle Bag- Make sure you bring a duffle bag that is able to be folded and is small to store. A duffle bag is perfect for long weekend where you are headed home and only have to bring a small amount of clothes!

9 | Water Bottle- One of my goals for this new school year is to drink more water! I found that if I always have a water bottle sitting on my desk filled I am more likely to drink it!

10 | Door Holder – The first week is crucial. You’ll find yourself sitting in your room and you may be tempted to stay in and just watch Netflix by yourself because, well because it’s easy. Keeping your door open the majority of the first week will help you meet all the kids on your floor! 

Comment and let me know if there is anything else you think should be added to the list!

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P.S. Check out my complete college packing list I made!