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Work Bag

The first week of my internship, I had the Mary Poppins bag. Everything you can possibly think of or need, I probably had in my bag. The next week I decided to lighten the load, but I found that I was missing important things. By the last day (of course) I finally had it down to what I should and shouldn’t lug to work everyday. You want to have all your ICE stuff, but it’s also important to be able to pick up your bag. I took this picture during the last week of work, when I believe I had gotten it down to the perfect amount. It really is a science.

So here’s the breakdown:

For my graduation present, my mom and I took a trip up to the Kate Spade outlet and she let me pick out a bag I could carry my laptop in to work everyday. Since it was an outlet store, the merchandise is a little different, but here is a picture of what the outside looks like! Perfect for school or work!

What do you pack everyday in your work bag?

 Keep in mind,




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  2. Hi , I know this is an older post...but do you happen to know what style of kate spade bag this is? It looks absolutely perfect!