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Fav NYC Spots!

Every time I scroll through my pictures on my phone I pass by the millions (literally millions) of pictures I took on my phone while in NYC and it desperately makes me want to go back. It may be be a concrete jungle, but it’s my favorite type of jungle.  I am forced to admit that I have caught the New York City fever. I swear it’s something in the water there that makes you fall in love with the hustle and bustle of that city.

My goal for the month I spent there was to focus on some of the places that weren’t so “touristy”. I think some of the coolest places are spots where the locals hang out. And to be honest, going to these places made me feel like a real New Yorker.

I had a running list while I was in the city of some of my favorite places I ran into while in the city that weren’t the typical tourist spots.


1| Chelsea Market- I suggest wearing stretchy pants here. Right when you walk in the aroma hits you like a brick wall and makes you just want to eat your way through the market. I highly suggest trying the mini donuts, and fresh pasta. You won’t regret it. 

2 | Byrant Park Movies- Every Monday night during June, July, and August Bryan Park shows an older classic movie. It’s so much fun to bring a blanket and dinner and camp out on the lawn. It’s projected onto a massive screen right in the midst of the city.

3| Café Cluney- My aunt took me here on one of my last nights and oh my goodness, I swear, best chicken I have ever had! It’s a cute little French café on the west side. I love the atmosphere and plan to go back every time I’m in the city. Make Reservations Here!

4 | | Katz Deli- If you have ever seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally” you’ll know exactly the deli I’m talking about. It’s so much fun to sit at the exact table where the movie was filmed and eat a delicious sub.

5 | The Stands Bookstore- Probably my favorite place. Ever. This place was right around the corner from my dorm and I often times found my self strolling over there to just browse the books. My favorite is the fashion section. I found a vintage book written all about Lilly Pulitzer’s life, and it is amazing. I brought it to college with me simply so I could just look at it.

Let me know if you need anymore suggestions! 






  1. I always suggest non-touristy places like this when I have friends come in from out of town! They really allow you to appreciate the special places in NYC!

  2. I'll be spending next summer interning in the city, so I'll have to remember to visit some of these places on the weekends!

  3. When me & some friends when on a school trip to NYC, we went to the Chelsea Market! It's pretty cool! We also went to Greenwich Village (the pizza place from Spiderman is there & so is the outside of the cafe from Friends:)