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She Never Leaves the House Without Earrings

I have many fears, but leaving the house without earrings is definitely a up there (probably in the top ten). Sounds silly right? But seriously, there is nothing worse for me than walking out without earrings. It’s just a bad omen to start the day. Honestly, the thought of being in public without earrings sends shivers down my spine. Its not that I am exceedingly vane, but even in shorts and a tee, earrings are a mandatory accessory.  I’m really not sure why something so small bothers me so much, but I guarantee if you ever spot me without earrings, something must be tragically wrong!

I may or may not have an extra set of pearls that I keep in my car just in case.

Most days you will find me with these pearl studs, simple, yet classy. They match everything and I don’t have to worry about them irritating my ears. But recently, I have been feeling more adventurous with my earrings. I’m not really into hanging earrings so I usually just stick to studs (I know, I sound like I’m 10). These are a few of my favorite studs right now. 

Pearls | Like I said, my go to earring. I can probably be spotted in these pearl studs 95% of the time. This pair doesn’t irritate your ears, if you have sensitive ears like me, and they have a gold back, which is my absolute favorite. When in doubt, go with pearls.

Kate Spade | Kate Spade always has some of my favorite studs. They are so whimsical and can add so much to an outfit! I love wearing them on those days when I have to just throw my hair up because I can assure they’re seen and not hidden behind my hair!

Moon & Lola | One of my favorite brands! They are based in my hometown and I have loved watching them grow over the past few months! They really specialize in monograms so of course I had to pick their pink monogram studs.

Swell Caroline | I own these earrings and I absolutely love them! They are a little dressier because of the diamond accents inside the starfish, perfect for a night out on the town! They make me miss the beach, and serve as a little reminder of summer.

Kiel James Patrick | Anchors have always been something I’m obsessed with. So, anchors, navy, and studs, I mean could it get any better?? I’d say around 1/4th of my wardrobe is navy so they literally go with just about any outfit I wear! 

What are your go to earrings? 





  1. My pearls are my favorite earrings too! I usually don't wear dangly earring because I find them distracting when the move. I cannot stand leaving the house without earrings. I almost always turn around to go get them if I realize I've forgotten them.

    1. Totally Agree! Pearls match everything and they are so easy to just throw on in the morning!

  2. Me too! I don't feel dressed without earrings

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