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10 Things To Do Over Christmas Break

87 hours. 87 hours stands between me and Christmas break. Oh and one French paper, one philosophy paper, and numerous cups of coffee too. Then I’ll be driving home in my car singing “I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS”. I simply cannot wait. 

Ever since we back from thanksgiving break I’ve been making a mental list of everything I plan to do over Christmas break. I want to make the most of these 3 weeks, ya know?

These are the 10 things I plan on spending my time doing over my Christmas break! The best part about college? Since I’ll have finished my exams NO HOMEWORK FOR ME. 

Tell me what I should add to my list!

Oh and say a prayer for me…philosophy….well it’s not really my thing. 

And remember,


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  1. Hello! I appreciate your writing.We stayed here at Christmas (me, my spouse and my father) and managed to get the last 2 rooms in the inn. We arrived to evening tea on Christmas Eve and left the day following Boxing Day. Our room was in the current extension and was a pleasant estimated clean comfortable room with a lot of storage room, however nothing truly unheard of. My Dad's was a solitary room in the primary house and with its 1930's fittings was straight out of P.g. Wodehouse - you could envision Jeeves coming into unpack your bag - it was not a huge room yet it was splendid.
    Happy X-Mass!