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I am officially 1/8th of my way through college! I finished my first semester of college last Tuesday. It’s so weird to think that I already finished a whole semester at college. It’s a phase in your life you dream about for so long and it’s weird to think that I am finally living it. I know it’s so cliché, but it truly feels like just yesterday I was deciding where to go to college.

This semester has been a whirlwind of emotions. Happy, sad, elated, confused, scared, nervous, stressed, excited, and enthusiastic. A huge range I would say.

You see everyone (adults) always talk about how college is the best 4 years of your life. I guess it’s easy to say that when you’re looking back on those 4 years, but when you’re stressed and overwhelmed about a huge research paper, 2 tests the next day, a lab you need to finish, 10 e-mails that need replying, and a boy who is leaving you with mixed emotions, in that moment it’s hard to say that this is the best years of your life.

Not to say that there aren’t fun times, cause there definitely are plenty of highlights. But sometimes when you’re spending the majority of time studying, it’s easy to dwell on the hard times, and forget the fun times.

Once everyone left for college, even if everyone was scared to say it, I knew deep down most everything (and everyone) would change. Not necessarily for the worst, just different. College has that effect on people. Everyone would be making new friends and discovering who they really are and who they want to be. It’s weird being back and running into people and realizing the relationship you had with them in high school, probably won’t ever been the same.

I find that I stay updated with most thanks to Facebook. You end up judging their college experience through their photos. And let me tell you, Facebook College albums make everyone’s college experience look like they are having a blast 24/7. Total illusion. It only highlights the fun times. It doesn’t include pictures of the 7+ hours a day you spend in the library and the Saturdays you spend in a classroom studying.

When I find myself catching up with friends on the phone it always seems like a competition. Everyone’s hesitant to talk about the hard times transitioning for fear that they’re the only one struggling. It almost seems like a competition; whose college is the best and who’s having the most fun.

College life is a transition. Although it may not seem like a big deal, it is. You have to discover a new schedule that works for you, while adjusting to your new class load, all while trying to figure out the whole friend situation. Although I think I was able to slip into a schedule pretty well, reflecting back on the semester has made me understand how I could have avoided a few of those bumps I encountered along the way.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in school, and sometimes I forget that downtime is just as important as school time. The one major challenge I faced in college is living at your school. In high school, after a long day of classes you could go home and watch TV and relax on the couch. After classes in college, you don’t get to go home. You stay at school. You’re literally at school 24/7.  And while this didn’t serve as a problem to some of my friends, I found it hard to separate my social life and school life. I felt pressure that I always needed to be doing schoolwork since I was always at school. When I had down time I felt guilty if I wasn’t in the library studying.  

This problem is one that I’m still working on. I was talking to a friend about how I how was struggling with this and we decided that (minus a few exceptions) we would keep our room study and homework free.

Overall, college is a transition, a good one, but definitely a transition. My first semester may have had some bumps, but overall I have met some people I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life and I have learned some priceless lessons. I am super excited to head back to Furman in January and see where my second semester of college takes me.

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  1. Love love going to the same college as you, I can't wait for our seminar together next semester!

  2. i love that quote and congrats on being 1/8th through college! i love your blog. would you check mine out?

  3. Your blog is so adorable, so happy I found it!