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How to pack a clutch

Whether you’re going out on the town or just dressing up with friends, it’s essential that you bring the right supplies, better to be safe than sorry right? It’s always been on my bucket list to go see the ball drop in NYC on new year’s eve, but the acorn that drops in Raleigh will have to do for now.

Clutches are tricky. They are so small and get full so easily. There are a few things though that are essential for a night out. These are a the things that I consider must haves. 

Portable I-phone Charger | With this new update I feel like my phone is always dying. These Lilly Pulitzer portable phone chargers always save me. When you're out and about you don't have the convenience of a wall plug, so once again Lilly saves the day. 

Hair Tie | You never know when a hair tie will come in handy, simple as that. 

Chapstick/ Lipstick | Standing outside waiting for the clock to strike midnight no matter how many layers on gets cold. Your lips will thank you when you remember you have chapstick in your clutch.

I-phone | Gotta insta those new year pics right?

Debt/ Credit Card | "Just in case"

Mint | For before that midnight kiss of course ;)

Emergency Pinch Kit | This. Kit. Is. Amazing. This tiny kit contains so many items that have come in handy for me on so many occasions. In this colorful pouch (that can be purchased at J. Crew) you can find breath freshener, lip balm, dental floss, hairspray, elastics, clear nail polish, stain removing towelettes,sewing kit, safety pins,  earring backs, tape strips, deodorant towelettes, bandaids, pain reliever, and tampons. I keep one in my backpack and thank myself everyday for getting one. 

Mascara | For touch ups.




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