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Tis' the Season

CHRISTMAS TIME IS OFFICALLY HERE. Words cannot describe how much I love this time of year. Minus finals of course, those really put a damper on the whole season. The good news is I’ll be home for Christmas on the 17th and will get to enjoy the rest of the Christmas season with no stress! 

I convinced my parents to get our Christmas tree a little early this year so I could go with. There was no way that my parents were going to pick out a tree without me. As much as I love Christmas trees one of my favorite parts about this season is the clothes. The tights, the scarfs, the sweaters. Obsessed.

I just want an excuse to wear these clothes year round. These are a few of my favorite Christmas peices  right now!  

What are you loving this holiday season?

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  1. I adore all the decorations and the music! Can you do a post on Christmas outfits and gift ideas? I love your style Shannon, it is so preppy and elegant. Love you. :)


    1. Aw thanks that's so sweet! And yes! I will try to get a post up in the next week or two :)