Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NYC Reflection

So I have been home from the concrete jungle for about 72 hours now and I’m already back on the road. This time instead of north, I’m heading west. Way west. I’m headed to a place with more sunshine and less people. I’m packed and flying to Hawaii to see D!! ALOHAAAAAAAA!

After a month of subways, skyscrapers, and shopping, I’m really looking forward to some R & R. However, don't get me wrong, the city was great. As close to heaven for me as you can get. July went entirely too fast. 

In my showroom!

For everyone who doesn’t know, I spent the last month in the city doing an internship in a fashion showroom. I learned about buyers, line sheets, steaming, ironing, collections, wholesale/ retail pricing, markups, and the proper way of merchandising. Every part of it was a dream come true. I got to spend a summer in the city, and to me that was something you watch in an episode of sex and the city, and far from the reality of my everyday life. 

Working hard or hardly working?

I mastered the subway (can proudly say I didn’t get lost once), thank you iphone. I stayed in the NYU dorms and was fortunate enough to meet kids my age from all over the world coming to the big apple looking for the same things as I. Around every corner was a new adventure lurking or a new lesson to be learned. I would wake up and remind myself that I had something to be excited about, I was doing a fashion internship in the city of my dreams!

I also became a pro at hailing taxis

Here’s a little insight for everyone who might be wondering what a typical day looked liked for me.  I would wake up at around 8 and start the typical girl routine. Straighten my hair, makeup, try on what felt like a million articles of clothing in just different variations. I’d leave around 9:20 after breakfast and perfecting my outfit. Then catch the subway going downtown. Sometimes if I was early enough I’d stop by Dunkin Dounuts on the way to get a bagel or a few munchkins. I’d work until somewhere between 5- 6:30. After work I’d usually do some kind of activity like shopping on 5th ave, top of the rock, soho, dinner in the meat packing, or go for a central park stroll.
Daily route to work!


I have a gallery full of pictures from the month but I’ll try not to bore you too much. 

My roommate and I at NBC studios!

My favorite J. Crew in Rockefeller plaza!

Broadway with my roommates! I am aware of how short I look. 

4th of July at South St. Seaport!

How have you spent your summer so far??




Monday, July 22, 2013

College Packing List!

See updated packing list here!

With 3 weeks down in the big apple and only one week left, I think I am finally adjusting to dorm life. It has given me a good taste what to expect when I move into the Furman dorms in August. A few nights ago, it was entirely too hot to leave air conditioning so instead of exploring New York, I decided to make an in-depth packing/shopping list for college! My friend’s mom started this list and then I went through and added all the stuff I thought I would want. Being the type A person I am, I color coordinated the whole thing to make it easier to read. If you want to use it, I would suggest simply copying and pasting it into a word doc and printing it from there!   

College Shopping List

·       Alarm clock
·       Bedside table
·       Blanket
·       Comforter (Twin XL)
·       Foam topper
·       Mattress pad
·       Pillows
·       Sheets (XL 36 x 80 x 16)
·       Curtain rod (40 x 64)
·       Curtains
·       Body Pillow
·       Backrest pillow
·       Chair
·       Lamp - desk
·       Lamp – floor
·       Light bulbs
·       Mirror - full length mirror
·       Mirror - zoom
·       Ottoman (storage)
·       Picture frames
·       Rug
·       Wall art
·       Wall clock
·       Head Board
·       Storage bins (under bed / closet)
·       Storage drawers (under bed / closet)
·   Storage ottomans
·       Storage cubes / shelves
·       Fabric boxes/baskets for shelves
·       Loft bed shelf
·       Shoe hanger
·       Belt hook/hanger
·       Hangers
·    Pant hangers
·       3m hooks
·       Over the door hooks (for doors and ends of bed)
·       Jewelry holder
·       Bed risers
·       Shelf “risers”
·       Double closet rod
·       Bulletin board
·       Desk organizers (small baskets)
·       Dry-erase board
·       Dry-erase markers and eraser
·       Batteries – AAA and AA
·       Tool kit
·       Sewing kit
·       Safety pins
·       Duffle bag
·       Hanging close line
Cleaning supplies:
·       Sponges
·       Paper towels
·       Napkins
·       Toilet bowl brush
·       Wipes
·       Bleach cleaner
·       Hand vacuum ?
·       Broom / dust pan ?
·       Trash cans – dorm room, bathroom
·       Trash can liners
·       Shower caddy
·       Hair care caddy
·        Hair ties  / head bands / clips
·       Round brush
·       Blow dryer
·       Straightener
·       Washcloths
·       Hand towels
·       Towels
·       Bath mat
·       Shower curtain
·       Shower curtain rod and hooks
·       Shower Flip flops
·       First aid kit
·       Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment
·       Medicines – Tylenol, ibuprofen, cold medicine, allergy meds
·       Toiletries
·       Shampoo
·       Conditioner
·       Deodorant
·       Lotion
·       Make-up
·       Make-up remover
·       Nail clippers
·       Nail polish and remover
·       Q-tips
·       Razors
·       Shaving cream
·       Shampoo
·       Hand soap
·       Soap (shower)
·       Tampons/pads
·       Toothpaste
·       Mouth wash
·       Floss
·       Tweezers
·       Vaseline
·       Laundry detergent (HE)
·       Dryer sheets
·       Stain stick
·       Laundry basket
·       Drying rack
·       Iron/ironing board
·       Soap dish
·       Toothbrush holder
·       Bathroom drawer organizers (small baskets)
·       Toilet paper
·       Tissues
·       Microwave
·       Fridge
·       Water bottle
·       Dishes
·       Plates (small and large)
·       Bowls
·       Cups
·       Mugs
·       Dish caddy
·       Silverware
·       Potholder
·       Kitchen hand towels
·       TV tray
·       Dish soap
·       Travel mugs
·       Water pitcher/filter
·       Food storage
·       Plastic storage bags
·       Bag/chip clips
·       Cooking utensils
·       Water bottle
·       Mouse/mouse pad
·       Cords/cables – 2 ethernet (one for backpack and one for dorm)
·       Printer
·       Printer paper
·       Ink cartridges
·       Planner
·       Post-its
·       2 USB drive
·       Blank CDs/DVDs
·       Calculator
·       Computer lock
·       Stereo/docking station for ipod
·       2 Phone chargers
·       Power strip / surge protector
·       Extension cord
·       School/office supplies
·       Binders
·       Dividers
·       Sheet protectors
·       Hole punch
·       Index cards
·       Markers
·       Paper (binder)
·       Paper (pad)
·       Paper clips
·       Pencil sharpener
·       Pens/pencils
·       Planner
·       Pocket folders
·       Manila folders
·       Post-its
·       Ruler
·       Scissors
·       Spiral notebooks
·       Stapler and staples
·       Tape
·       Glue
·       Whiteout
·       Calendar
·       Bookcase / shelves
Relax / Misc:
·       Fan
·       Room fragrance (febreze?)/ plug in?
·       Door stops
·       Head phones
·       Umbrella
·       Flashlight
·       Camera
·       Ipod
·       Chargers (phone, ipod, etc.)
·       T.V?
·       Health insurance card
·       Prescription insurance card
·       ATM card
·       License
·       Student id

BRING for move-in day:
·       Rubber mallet
·       Screwdrivers
·       Tape measure
·       Level
·       Hand truck

Preppy Girl’s Essentials
·       Frocket t’s
·       Wooden monogram
·       Vineyard Vine shep pullover
·       Monogramed norts
·       Set of pearls (earrings and necklace)
·       Jack Rogers
·       Side table picture frames
·       Multiple cardigans (different colors)
·       J. Crew Chinos
·       Ribbon (for crafts, hair, football games)
·       A lilly dress
·       Large zip up long champs
·       Rain boots/ duck boots/ umbrella
·       Riding boots

I hope this helps ease away some of your stress! If you think I forgot anything please comment below and let me know! 





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