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Design your own LongChamp

Longchamp is a company that that has been in my family since before I was born. My mom got her first Longchamp as a graduation gift when she graduated from high school. Her collection has grown since then, and now I consider them ours (hehe! ). Despite their age, they are all in amazing condition and look brand new!

Longchamp's are the perfect bag. Tons of girls on the Furman campus carry them from class to class and these purses always seem to look fabulous. I’ve used them as both a carry on, as well as an overnight tote. Every size can be used for something different. I swear by this brand. Not only do they last a lifetime, they are so adorable and they match everything!

I recently discovered that you can design your own. How fun?! No need to go from store to store to find the perfect color, now you can just design your own!

How fun is this? You can pick your owncolor, handles, hardware and everything! You can never go wrong with one of their purses. So if you have a birthday or anything coming up, I would definitely put this at the top of your list!

A picture of me my junior year carrying one of my favorite summer Longchamp! 

While you carry around your custom Longshamp remember,


P.S. They also have a great selection of Longchamp pursues at Nordstrom

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  1. I didn't know you could design your own, that's awesome! I was going to buy one this summer, but I still haven't. Hopefully this summer when I'm working again I'll grab one! I've only heard great things!

    Constance || Prep Northwest