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DIY Frames

I was absolutely inspired by Kaitlin when I found her on Instagram. I am so obsessed with the frames she makes and was determined to try to create something similar! I love crafts, and this was the perfect craft because it didn’t take up too much time and it turned out sooo cute!

My mom and I found the frames at Good Will and they had an abundance to chose from! They were super cheap and easy to find. I highly suggest going to a thrift store because you can find some awesome frames that have some major potential (and for a great cost)!  

Plus it’s fun to see someone’s trash become your glittery, sparkly, treasure!

Ta-da!! You've got yourself some adorable frames at a really good price! Plus they combine my two favorite things, glitter and quotes! 

A closer look!! 

It's a fun afternoon project that can really spice up a space! 

Tweet me (@prepavenue) or tag me in your insta pics (@prepavenue) if you make them! I would love to see them! 



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