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Makeup Routine

I am probably the farthest thing from a makeup guru. I will be the first to admit I know absolutely nothing about makeup. I have done the same thing since 8th grade.  I was taught how to apply makeup by the Clinque ladies in the mall.  Okay, maybe I have changed a few small things, I know longer wear pink eye shadow daily and I’m not obsessed with sparkly lip gloss any more. But, nonetheless, the rest has remained the same. Clearly I am a creature of habit.

I have gotten multiple emails and comments wanting me to do a post about my daily makeup routine. I like to keep my makeup simple, natural, and basic. I don’t have a ton of time in the mornings (I enjoy sleeping way too much) so I am usually rushing to put any makeup on at all. This however, is what I end up applying daily. Simple, easy, quick.

When you see my daily routine, you’ll realize it’s far from glamorous. To be completely honest, I never know what I’m doing with makeup. I wake up every morning wishing I had someone to come in and do my makeup for me. So don’t take this as something that is going to work for everyone, because honestly I don’t even know if it works for me!

My mom has used clinque her whole life, so when I was allowed to wear makeup in 8th grade that’s what I was introduced to. I love all their products, especially their foundation. I wear the lightest color (if you haven’t noticed already I am very pale year round) and the fact that it has SPF 15 in it, is a huge added bonus. I definitely need that. I have come to embrace my fair complexion!

Foundation (Linen) | Eyeliner (Roast Coffee)  | Blush (Pink Blush) | Mascara (Dark Chocolate)

These are the products I use on a daily basis. My mom always claims that it looks kind of harsh with just the eye liner, but I try my best to do it pretty light and smear it into my lash line.

I don’t go out very much, but whether it’s for a special occasion, or just a nice dinner it’s nice to have something you can quickly add to your daily routine to just take it up a notch. Over Christmas break I was in Nordstrom restocking on my daily products, and I was introduced to these three things! The chubby sticks are so easy to use for makeup dummies like me. 

Eyeshadow 1 (Fuller Fudge) | Eyeshadow 2 (Bountiful Beige)  | Lip Color (Mighty Mimosa)

If you have any tips for me, bring them on. But for now, I’m pretty content with my Clinque products  (even if I do the same thing every day!)

What’s your daily makeup routine??





  1. I am the same way! My mother used Clinque, so now I do. Sometimes I try to shake things up and wear something different, but it never lasts long. I always end up going back to the same thing everyday.



  2. Changing up a makeup routine can be hard! Makeup isles can be intimidating. I've always wanted to try the Clinque chubby sticks!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  3. I used to strictly use Clinique, but now I use a variety of products. I switched to Aveda foundation powder, but I also use Clinique liquid foundation as well. The Naked 2 palette is my go-to quick daily fix up, as well as their blush/bronzer/highlighter compact. It' so easy to use and really makes a difference!


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