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Southern Fried Cotton

Greenville is one of the main reasons I chose Furman! It has an amazing downtown that is filled with adorable shops, a big waterfall with a suspension bridge, and lots and lots of yummy restaurants. We often find ourselves downtown shopping on Friday and Saturday nights and something about it never gets old. During Christmas time they even had an outdoor ice skating rink, which was soooo cute.

One of my favorite shops I’ve discovered downtown is Southern Fried Cotton. It’s safe to say that Southern Fried Cotton has reinvented what my cozy/ lazy attire looks like. I basically live in their t-shirts. They are so soft and dreamy, that I’m ready to buy the whole shop.

But in all seriousness, if you are ever in Greenville you gotta go to their shop.

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These are just a few of my favorites, and the sad part is I think I own three of those. Everyone at Furman is in love with these T-shirts and for good reason. Take my word and order one and you’ll understand why!

What is your favorite brand of “hangout” T-shirt?

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  1. My "hang out" t-shirts are usually just monogrammed pocket tees (my mom has a monogram business), but these are so cute that I might just have to order one!

  2. As if I don't already have enough southern t-shirts...but these are too adorable! I might just have to buy one!