Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Friday: As good as gold

As much as I’m craving summer, I do have to admit that I love coats, jeans, flats, and white and gold polka dot sweaters J.  I’m counting down the hours till I can pull out my Lilly shorts and Jack Roger Sandals, but until then you might as have fun with your winter attire!

My mom and I found this J. Crew coat on extreme sale when we were up in Michigan after Christmas and I haven’t taken it off since. Seriously. And I may or may not have found these fabulous black and gold (see a trend here?) flats in the same trip. 

Coat (old) | Sweatshirt | Necklace (old) (similar) | Jeans | Watch | Bangle (old) (similar)

Always remember,



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Translate Tricky Dress Codes

Dress codes can be tricky. You don’t want to be overdressed for an event, but you definitely don’t want to be under-dressed either.

I saw this picture the other day on pinterest and it seemed way to relevant. With sorority and fraternity functions and formals taking up basically every weekend here on campus, and prom season (post coming soon!) right around the corner I feel like everyone is in a dress craze right now.

My good friend K (the one who curled my hair so pretty!) got asked to a fraternity function a few days ago and we were told that the dress code was “cocktail”. As we scoured the Internet for the “perfect” cocktail attire dress I thought it would be perfect to differentiate between all the dress codes!

Black Tie Optional [ dress | necklace | clutch | pump]
Cocktail Attire [ dress | bangle | pump]
Business Casual [ dress | bag | necklace | pump ]
Garden Party [ dress | necklace | wedge]
Nothing Nada [ dress | sunnies | wedge]

What are some of your favorite dresses right now?





Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Keep Swimming!

As I roll out of a 5 day weekend due to our 3 snow days last week, I can’t help but yearn for spring. I am literally counting down (I have a countdown on my phone) the days till spring. It’s gotten to the point in the season where I’m sick of all my winter clothes and ready for shorts and tees (and skirts and dresses and sandals). It also didn’t help that I made a trip to the Lilly Pulitzer store over the weekend and saw the new collection, love at first sight!

Pinterest is not helping my need for spring either. My “Spring has Sprung” board just keeps growing, as does my wish-list for my spring wardrobe. I keep seeing pictures of the beach and Instagram pictures of friends who live in Florida strutting around in their flip flops and shorts (jealous!).

Luckily, spring break is just around the corner! I know most high schoolers don’t have their break until a little later in the season, but luckily ours is only 3 weeks away and it couldn’t come fast enough! The only scary part is the amount of papers, midterms, tests, and projects I must complete prior to my break. I was talking on the phone to my mom today about summer plans and it made me realize just how badly I need new swim suits. So, these are some of my favorites that I found (while procrastinating writing a paper, shh!).    

#1 { top | bottom }
#2 { top | bottom }
#3 { top | bottom }
#4 { top | bottom }
#5 { top | bottom }

I kinda went for the blue color scheme, what do you all think?




P.S. In love with this cover up. Birthday list, I think yes. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day (aka wear as much pink as possible day!). I've always loved the color pink and I basically wear something pink everyday, even if it's just the slightest bit, so today will be no different! 

I remember back in elementary school when I would spend weeks trying to pick out my Valentine's. I would scour all the stores and do endless google searches till I found the perfect ones. I also had to make sure no one else had them of course (because that would be a tragedy for 8 year old Shannon)! And then I would count down the days till we could have our big class Valentine's Day party and pass our candy/ cards and eat pink and red cupcakes! 

Why can't college be like that?! Until then some of these items will have to fill the gap..




Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Celebrate everyday moments.

As the weeks start to get busier and busier, and my professors keep assigning more and more papers/ projects/ tests, it’s important to celebrate everyday moments.

I keep telling myself that I’ll be able to relax once Spring break rolls around, but after really thinking about it today, that’s no way to live. Today I tweeted “that I’ll be able to breath once spring break starts”. After I pressed the send button, I started to think about what I had just said. Although it’s totally okay to look forward to something, it’s important not to live for one event. Because news flash: the event will come and go! I seem to have a bad habit of doing this. I live for the times I’m not stressed (aka never), times like summer and spring break. I start countdowns on my phone and have sticky notes on my desk listing things that stand between me and breaks.

School gets me worked up and stressed like nothing else, but you only go to college once (YOGTCO)! So, instead of worshipping the breaks, I need to find a way to appreciate the fun and manage the schoolwork.

This weekend is the perfect example! On Friday night we had our first Tri Delta function! It was game themed and it was the opening night of the Olympics, so 10 of us thought it was the perfect opportunity to dress up as the Olympic rings! How perfect were our outfits? 

Saturday was a day of balance.  I was ecstatic because it was Big/Little reveal day and I had been waiting for this day all week! It could not have worked out more perfectly. Seriously, I’m in love. I finished the day with some reading and some emails (see perfect balance!). I spent the majority of Sunday doing homework but I had so much Friday and Saturday that I didn’t even care!

LOVE my big!

College is a time of balance. You have to take the fun with schoolwork and learn how to accomplish both. With second semester flying by already, I’m going to work on cherishing the fun events while I’m here, instead of living for another. Today we have a snow day so I think I might put this plan into action. Snow fight in the morning, homework all afternoon!




P.S. Big shout out to one of my bestest friends Erin who turns 18 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your birthday is filled with as much sparkle and glitter as a Ke$ha concert!  


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