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Translate Tricky Dress Codes

Dress codes can be tricky. You don’t want to be overdressed for an event, but you definitely don’t want to be under-dressed either.

I saw this picture the other day on pinterest and it seemed way to relevant. With sorority and fraternity functions and formals taking up basically every weekend here on campus, and prom season (post coming soon!) right around the corner I feel like everyone is in a dress craze right now.

My good friend K (the one who curled my hair so pretty!) got asked to a fraternity function a few days ago and we were told that the dress code was “cocktail”. As we scoured the Internet for the “perfect” cocktail attire dress I thought it would be perfect to differentiate between all the dress codes!

Black Tie Optional [ dress | necklace | clutch | pump]
Cocktail Attire [ dress | bangle | pump]
Business Casual [ dress | bag | necklace | pump ]
Garden Party [ dress | necklace | wedge]
Nothing Nada [ dress | sunnies | wedge]

What are some of your favorite dresses right now?






  1. You posted this on the perfect day! I'm going to a conference at Virginia Military Institute this weekend and the dress code is business casual since the keydets will be in their dress uniforms. I was having trouble coming up with some outfit ideas, but this gives me a better idea of what to pack for the conference!

  2. Such a great and post. I can definitely see myself wearing any or all those outfits.


  3. You did a great job posting your own ideas! I love the cocktail attire outfit - very classy but still young and fun!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. I love the business casual dress and the "nothing nada" outfit! They are perfect!

    Hayden|Haute Table

  5. I don't know how I've never seen this business casual bag before! It's absolutely adorable. LOVE.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  6. Love this post! I love the outfits you put together!

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  8. I liked the cocktail attire!!! I will use this with my diamond pendant set & I think I will be the center of attraction in the party.
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