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Talk Derby To Me

Talk Derby To Me

I think I have wanted to go to the Carolina Cup since I joined Pinterest in probably 10th grade and saw all the pictures. And now that I'm in college…and in a sorority, I thought it was the perfect year to attend. You envision this sea of Lilly and vineyard vines bow ties and while it definitely is that, it’s also a whole lot of other things.

And what an eye opening experience it was. There is a whole section for strictly college kids. Close your eyes and imagine, a massive field, 100+ tents filled with students doing all sorts of things, and Carolina Cup police driving around on little golf carts taking people to the “Carolina Cup jail”

Literally out of a movie.

At one point I was standing in the middle of all the tents just looking around and trying to take it all in. It was one of the many moments that hit me that “wow I am the same age as most of these hooligans”.

I’m not really sure I can describe it properly. Something you kind of just have to experience for yourself. But long story short, I went with a great group of people and had an amazing time. I, unlike many students who go, actually walked over to the race and saw 2 of the races. It was so fun to pick a horse right before they start and root for him the whole time. Plus it was one of those surreal moments that you feel like you’re living out a pinterest picture. I was standing along the gates, with great friends; in a fun Lilly dress with a big sun hat watching a horse race under a clear blue sky.

Speaking of clear blue skies, it rained the whole way there. The forecast predicted massive thunderstorms all day so I took a big gamble going. On the ticket it says rain or shine so we figured we’d make the best out of whatever situation was thrown at us. Luckily, we pulled in and it was only drizzling and then by 11 it was just cloudy, and then by 1ish it was blue skies all the way. It was crazy! No one could believe it. It was 70 degrees and the perfect day for a horse race. 

Prepare yourself for a picture overload. The sad part is this is probably one tenth of the pictures I took. 

Am I artsy yet?

The Vineyard Vines van….obviously we had to capture the moment. 


The Hunters were a must. 

We ran into a Prep Ave reader (and also a tridelt!) so we had to get a quick picture!

Candid laughing pic. 

Those Carolina blue skies I was talking about! How lucky were we?

Have you been to the Carolina cup? Tell me about your experience! 



I call it the Instagram syndrome.  I hate to admit it, but I’ve been getting it a lot lately. Instagram seems to have this power to glorify everything. Filters can be used to hide a blemish while cropping the picture can be used to cut out the aspects of the picture that aren’t picture perfect.  As a result, you end up stalking other people’s “perfect” Instagram accounts and becoming envious of their “perfect” lives.

But in reality, your Instagram account seems to leave out a picture of the 3 meltdowns you had in one day due to the stress of schoolwork, a picture of the empty box of oreos you ate after you found out about a failing grade, or a snap of you bawling to your friends over a stupid boy. We only post pictures of the pretty things in life (I am very guilty of this) and then make them look even prettier by using filters and editing apps.  

The important thing is to realize that this is not reality. No one’s life is perfect and although Instagram, Facebook, Twitter may make it seem that way; there is a lot of behind the scenes pictures that were not posted for a reason. Everyone is always so caught up in creating a persona on social media that we forget to express our real feelings. It’s impossible to be “on” 24/7.

Last semester, October was rough for me. My friend and I were both terribly homesick and we would feed off one another. Looking back part of what contributed to my homesickness was the need to constantly compare my college experience with all of my friends. Everyone creates college Facebook albums and while I was sitting in the library on the verge of tears, I would always seem to end up skimming these albums and look at all the fun everyone else was having. I found myself wishing I had gone to a bigger state school where I was closer to home or a school where the academics may not have been as rigorous.

But after looking back and skimming my college album, I realized I was just as guilty. You look through my college album and it looks like activity after activity. I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s a complete lie. Just like Instagram, its missing 90% of my college experience and only highlights the exciting/ fun events. It leaves out the 7+ hours spent in the library or a picture of me sitting in a classroom cramming for a midterm the next day.

For instance, this was a picture that was left off of all social media, well because as you can see, I was caught having a bit of a panic attack on a snow day. I had a ton of work and everyone was outside playing in the snow, and as much as I wanted to be with them I was stuck inside writing a paper. #gettingreal

It’s important to realize the power social media has. It represents you and with all the photo editing apps and now I realize that you can practically make every picture perfect. But it’s okay to post a picture where you might have a big blemish on your face, because that’s completely normal. So in the words of the old Miley Cyrus, “nobody’s perfect” so there is no reason to strive to make it appear that way. 

Post your own photo and tag me in it and hashtag it “#gettingreal” ! I’ll be posting mine today to show everyone the real person behind the colorful instgram and blog. The girl that has meltdowns on a weekly basis (sometimes in the middle of our hallway), the girl that constantly strives to be a perfectionist, the girl that has major anxiety problems, the girl that has frizzy hair and has bitten nails most of the time.  Show everyone the real you, no filters needed!

Disclaimer: Looking back on this post I was in a weird mood and stressed about schoolwork (shocker!).  However I truly do love love love my school and everything it has to offer. I have made life long friends here and I truly wouldn’t change one thing about my college experience. I thought about not posting this, but I think it still has an important message. It’s important to be real, and let others see you be real! No one is bubbly all the time and as much as we would like to portray a flawless image on Instagram or on twitter, that’s just not life. So be careful next time you find yourself wishing you were someone else or somewhere else because of a silly instgram account. I promise there’s a lot of behind the scenes pictures that were not posted for a reason.

Always remember, 



The History Of The Oxford

The History Of The Oxford

This awkward weather time where it’s not quite warm enough to wear short sleeves, but you’re so sick of sweaters has made me realize just how much I love oxfords. They will always be my go to shirt. They look great with a skirt, shorts, jeans, khakis, or even leggings. They can be dressed up with jewelry or dressed down with layering.  Truly the most versatile shirt ever invented. My collection keeps growing, and I’m completely okay with that. I may or may not be writing this post while sitting in a plaid oxford.

So while oxford shirts seem to be the staple for every girls wardrobe today, they actually have been around a lot longer than you would have thought. Considering I wear one almost every day I thought I would dig up a little history about the classic oxford button down.

The oxford shirt has long been an essential part of the Ralph Lauren man’s wardrobe. Originally made in the 19th century by Scottish fabric mills, the oxford shirt is one of four shirt fabrics named after universities. The others —Yale, Cambridge and Harvard—have long since ceased to be produced.

Defined strictly by the oxford weave, a basket-weave pattern that combines two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier yarn crosswise (oftentimes in a different color to give it a distinctive pattern), or vice-versa, the oxford shirt is easily recognizable. Although some of these shirts are now made with other synthetic fabrics, the look and essence of the original oxford is still present. Oxford shirts frequently, but not always, have button-down collars.

Now associated with the preppy Ivy League style, the oxford shirt was formerly a sport shirt for polo players in England. Polo players would wear long-sleeved oxford shirts for their matches, as the fabric was comfortable and breathable.
The oxford shirt has evolved into an important staple piece in the Ralph Lauren world and is available every season in an array of colors. Incredibly versatile, it is appropriate in many settings. The oxford shirt is the perfect laid-back piece that conveys a sense of ease and comfort while creating a sleek, clean look. It can also be dressed up with a repp tie and a navy blazer for the ultimate in preppy attire, a true nod to the essence of the Ralph Lauren lifestyle.

After reading that I’m not quire sure who’s more obsessed with oxfords, you or me? These are my three favorite colors Ralph Lauren makes. They are perfect in the winter under the sweater and great in the summer with a pair of chinos.

I've come to the conclusion you can never go wrong adding another oxford to your wardrobe. 

Always remember,