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Talk Derby To Me

I think I have wanted to go to the Carolina Cup since I joined Pinterest in probably 10th grade and saw all the pictures. And now that I'm in college…and in a sorority, I thought it was the perfect year to attend. You envision this sea of Lilly and vineyard vines bow ties and while it definitely is that, it’s also a whole lot of other things.

And what an eye opening experience it was. There is a whole section for strictly college kids. Close your eyes and imagine, a massive field, 100+ tents filled with students doing all sorts of things, and Carolina Cup police driving around on little golf carts taking people to the “Carolina Cup jail”

Literally out of a movie.

At one point I was standing in the middle of all the tents just looking around and trying to take it all in. It was one of the many moments that hit me that “wow I am the same age as most of these hooligans”.

I’m not really sure I can describe it properly. Something you kind of just have to experience for yourself. But long story short, I went with a great group of people and had an amazing time. I, unlike many students who go, actually walked over to the race and saw 2 of the races. It was so fun to pick a horse right before they start and root for him the whole time. Plus it was one of those surreal moments that you feel like you’re living out a pinterest picture. I was standing along the gates, with great friends; in a fun Lilly dress with a big sun hat watching a horse race under a clear blue sky.

Speaking of clear blue skies, it rained the whole way there. The forecast predicted massive thunderstorms all day so I took a big gamble going. On the ticket it says rain or shine so we figured we’d make the best out of whatever situation was thrown at us. Luckily, we pulled in and it was only drizzling and then by 11 it was just cloudy, and then by 1ish it was blue skies all the way. It was crazy! No one could believe it. It was 70 degrees and the perfect day for a horse race. 

Prepare yourself for a picture overload. The sad part is this is probably one tenth of the pictures I took. 

Am I artsy yet?

The Vineyard Vines van….obviously we had to capture the moment. 


The Hunters were a must. 

We ran into a Prep Ave reader (and also a tridelt!) so we had to get a quick picture!

Candid laughing pic. 

Those Carolina blue skies I was talking about! How lucky were we?

Have you been to the Carolina cup? Tell me about your experience! 


  1. It looks like it was a lot of fun! I am glad that the sky cleared up for y'all since here in the Triangle Saturday was pretty gloomy! I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of the semester of your first year! It is crazy how fast it flies by.

  2. this looks like so much fun! love your dress!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I want to go to the Carolina Cup so bad. Maybe in a couple of years I'll get to go! That's great how the skies cleared up - I can't imagine it would have been as much fun had it been pouring!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. Where is your dress from? It's so beautiful!