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Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up

Better late than never right?

I have been crazyyyy busy with school work, turning 19 (WHATTTT?!), finals, meetings, picking out classes, starting to move out, formals, ambassador interviews, trying to make summer plans, sleeping (on occasion), and this weird thing called class.

It’s crazy to think that I have just a little over a week left of my freshmen year. As much as I’m looking forward to a pretty relaxing summer at home, and an awesome internship, I am absolutely dreading saying goodbye to so many people. Can’t we all just stay here and hang out all summer?!

So much as happened since the last time I posted, and it really hasn’t been that long. So here is my attempt to catch you all up!

First, Charleston! I went to my good friend’s fraternity formal with him in Charleston. It was an absolute blast. We made it to the beach and downtown to do some shopping ;)

Before we left I gave him his cooler!

His Cooler! 

Exploring (shopping) on King Street!

I found my way to the Moon & Lola shop on King Street!

Later that night we got all dressed up and headed to the formal! 

We danced the night away to finish off the perfect weekend! 

What I wore:
Dress: Kate Spade (old) (on rent the runway
Necklace: J. Crew (similar
Heels: Nordstrom

The following weekend I headed home with my roommate and good friend for Easter break! While at home we all went indoor skydiving (so.much.fun).

Easter Sunday! It was a little windy outside…
What I wore:
Cardigan: J. Crew

After a nice break at home and multiple home- cooked meals and showers without shower shoes we headed back to Furman to finish off our last few weeks.  We came back on Tuesday and on Wednesday it was my birthday (nonstop fun)! Huge shout out to all of my friends who made it so special!

At Furman one of the traditions is to get thrown into the lake on your birthday. Luckily at midnight everyone who burst into my room was nice enough to dunk me into a (clean) fountain instead! 

I was taken (blindfolded) to a local ice cream shop where tons of my friends were waiting for me and sang happy birthday to me! SO SWEET!

So thankful for all of these people! I'm not sure how I'm going to go all summer without seeing them every day!

Some of the new ambassadors at the big reveal! 

To end the perfect 19th birthday day, I was surprised extremely late that night that I was accepted to be an ambassador at Furman! Which means I will be one of the tour guides next year! So let me know if you’re ever coming to make a campus visit J

So now that you know what I’ve been up to, let me warn you, finals are this week and next week, sooo posts will probably be sparse and short until SUMMER. Then you can expect regular posts, and some big things to come!

Good luck to everyone else who is going through finals and moving out too! We can do it!

*sorry for the photo overload*