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Interview with theSkimm!

As my type A personality shines through, I do the same thing, in basically the same order, every morning. Wake up, press the snooze button (occasionally twice, shh!), unplug my phone, catch up on social media/ read emails and favorite blogs, use the bathroom/ brush my teeth, wash my face, straighten hair, do makeup, make my bed, get dressed, pack backpack, and eat breakfast (most of time while walking out the door).

One of the emails I receive every morning and that I look forward to reading prior to starting my day is theSkimm.

Furman students are known to live in something called the Furman bubble. It’s as if no information gets in, and none gets out. Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but with meetings, class, studying, and other obligations, I never have time to sit down and watch the news let alone read a newspaper.

It’s terrible, I know. Sometimes I feel like I’m out of touch with the real world. Something major could be happening in the world and I could be completely oblivious to it. It’s like our own little world within the gates of Furman.

It really hit me when I was home over Christmas break and my mom and I were watching the highlights about the major current events that had happened in 2013. Everything that happened after August, as embarrassing as it was, I knew very little about. My mom was stunned that I could be so oblivious about what was going on. I knew something had to be done to change this.

As much as I love the little Furman bubble, it was part of my new years resolution to stay more up to date on current events happening throughout the world. I signed up for theskimm and I now consider myself an informed citizen.

theSkimm sends out an email every weekday (really early) with a condensed version of the news. Not only is it a doable length to read, it’s super funny! It was started by two women who took a huge career risk to launch this project. I was emailing back and forth with them a little bit and decided to ask them two questions about their story, which I find fascinating!

1.    You mention on your website that theSkimm was a big risk for you to take. Can you explain how/what you risked  to make theSkimm a reality and has it been worth the sacrifice?

theSkimm was a risk both personally and professionally. We gave up the careers we had worked so hard for to take a chance on something we truly believed in. We grew up at NBC -- from interns to producers. It was like home, so to leave was a very hard decision. We also worked in media so we weren't putting away huge bonuses. We had to save and take a huge leap of faith that things would work out. Our schedules and budgets were flipped upside down. We've sacrificed a lot of our social lives and have been very lucky to have supportive friends and family.

2.    What do you think is the hardest part about being a woman entrepreneur? And what tips would you give to hopeful women who aspire to create their own company?

Having your own company is a sense of responsibility in a way that nothing really prepares you for. One thing we worked on is clearly asking for what you want -- because no one else is going to ask for you. Anyone who is thinking about starting their own company should a) take a vacation first because you won't have another one for a long time and b) really think about why you want to start it. You're going to spend the next few years totally focused on it so you better love what you're building.

Their story is so inspiring and inspires me to start my own company! You can read more about the company, here!

Be sure to make theSkimm part of your daily routine. You can sign up here (for free!) to get a daily email!




  1. How cool! I get The Skim, and while I don't always have time to read it I do think it's great!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Definitely signing up for that! Thanks for sharing

  3. yes I love TheSkimm! I read it every morning walking across campus to class.

    Alley P @ alleywritesstuff.blogspot.com

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