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Saturday night D flew in! If you follow me on insta (if you don’t you should do that now!) you probably saw my picture! It was so exciting to have her fly so far to spend a few weeks with me. We hadn’t seen each other since last August so you know I was counting down the days and hours till her flight arrived.

We’ve been bestfriends since 8th grade, and since both of us are military kids we only got to spend 3 years together. Luckily we are now pros at keeping in touch. When everyone was worried about leaving their best friends going off to college D and I had already been separated for 2 years!

D goes to school on the west coast so unfortunately, we don’t get to see each other every other weekend or on breaks. Since we only get to see each other on rare occasions it makes the times we’re together even more special!

Anxiously waiting! 
Oh, P.S. I cut my hair! 

Yay for summer! 

So excited for our adventures to come! 

Keep in mind,



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